A great start to the year!

Published on Monday 11 October 2021 by Miss Burnip.

We have been focusing our learning on art and geography for the past few weeks in topic. In art, we have learning about Picasso's abstract art and have learned the skill of monoprinting. We created a newly minted coin design which combined all of our new knowledge and skills. Why not ask the children what additive and subtractive printing means? Can they remember how many names Pablo Picasso has?

A great start to the year!A great start to the year!

Last week, we were lucky enough to enjoy a Judo taster session. We had a great time trying out some different moves and learning a little about the mantra of Judo! A flyer has been sent home with your little one with enrolment details if they are interested in joining.

A great start to the year!A great start to the year!

Thank you to all parents and guardians who came to watch us at Muddy Mayhem, we hope that you enjoyed spectating as much as we enjoyed getting dirty! We are a few weeks into our new reading program, which is going well in school. Reading books to go with the scheme have still not arrived, a further update will be sent when they do. Any reading that you can do at home will be an added bonus!