Remembrance Day

Published on Friday 12 November 2021 by Mrs Fox.

This week we celebrated Remembrance Day and learnt that it is a special day to commemorate the soldiers who fought in the war. When learning about this special event we learnt some new vocabulary such as “remembrance, soldier, war and poppy” It was fantastic to hear the children using the new vocabulary around the unit and incorporating it into their play. We also learnt the reasons why we wear poppies and decided to thank the soldiers for keeping us safe by working as a unit to create a beautiful poppy wreath for them. To end the celebrations we completed our very own soldier training and had lots of fun completing an army themed obstacle course!

Remembrance Day Remembrance Day

As the COP26 summit has taken place this week, we were given a very important mission by the Children's Leadership Team. We read the story “Greta and the Giants” and talked about ways that we could make the world a better place. The children suggested “wasting less food, donating our clothes to other boys and girls and only drawing one picture so we don't use all the paper so the animals can have their homes” Therefore as a unit we decided that our special mission would be to waste less food and to do this we were encouraged to eat all of our dinners. Everybody tried very hard and we had lots of clean plates!

Remembrance Day Remembrance Day

In maths this week we have continued to deepen the children's understanding of numbers. This week our special number was 3. We have practised counting it, representing the number pictorially, linking it to shapes (triangle) and finding collections of 3 and using number facts to describe it such as 2 and 1 makes 3. We also had lots of fun exploring patterns. The children did a wonderful job when continuing a repeating pattern and were then able to create their own repeating patterns. I wonder if you can put these skills into practice at home too?

In phonics this week we have learnt the phonemes; f, l and ff and re-capped the tricky words “I, the and is” We have continued to work on our oral blending and some of us have even started to read and write some simple CVC words!

Just a reminder that it is Photograph day next week on Tuesday 16th. Each child will get an individual photo and if they have older siblings within school, they will also have a photograph taken with them. Also on Friday 19th we will be celebrating Children in Need. We are asking all children to come to school in in either spots or children in need clothing. We will not be accepting any donations this year and would like to ask if you would like to donate to this charity then you can do so online.