Published on Friday 14 January 2022 by Mrs Fox.

Following on from the children's interest in ice last week we have had a week focusing on our mini topic of Winter. We learnt the signs of Winter and how it differs from the Autumn time. The most exciting part of the week was when we received a parcel and a letter all the way from the North Pole. Inside were some penguins that had been frozen in ice. It was our mission to work together to rescue the penguins. We experimented with lots of different methods to free the penguins such as using a hammer to smash it and pouring on salt. As a class we decided the ice needed to be melted, so we placed the penguins in hot water in front of a heater. I am so pleased that the penguins are now safely back in the North Pole thanks to the great efforts of the Reception children!

Through our Winter topic we learnt lots of new vocabulary such as hot, cold, temperature, season, winter, freezing and melting. I wonder if your child can give you the meaning of any of our new words!


In Maths this week we had a week focusing on the shapes square and rectangle. We learnt that these shapes are different because of the length of their sides and discussed their properties such as how many sides and corners they both have. The children did an amazing job using these shapes to create some spectacular shape art pictures. We also became shape detectives and enjoyed using the Ipad to take photos of squares and rectangles that we found around the unit. I wonder if your child can find any of these shapes in your home too?


The new phonemes that we have learnt in Phonics this week are qu, ch and sh. We learnt that these phonemes are called digraphs because there are two letters that make one sound. The tricky words that we have learnt this week are his, her and go. Please continue to practice recognition and formation of these phonemes and tricky words.