Autumn is off to an amazing start!

In English this cycle we studied the Twits, by Roald Dahl. A delightfully strange and funny tale of two people, who love nothing more than tricking, pranking and laughing at each other. Reveling in the other's misfortune! The students thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of Mr. and Mrs. Twit, by writing their own gruesome and grizzly recipes. The children concocted all manner of repulsive recipes, and inscribed their own set of instructions for inflicting maximum misery on an unwitting victim!

Autumn is off to an amazing start!Autumn is off to an amazing start!

Our students got to grips with the power of air pressure in DT this half-term. The children first worked with different devices, tasked with discovering their different sources of power. After completing some important field research, they were then challenged with a design brief. Students were to design a prototype of, and then build a pneumatic lifting device. The students worked creatively and with diligence to meet the request, and produced some fully functional air powered machinery.

Autumn is off to an amazing start!Autumn is off to an amazing start!

In math we have been working on addition and subtraction. In recent weeks we have focused more specifically on the column methods for adding and subtracting larger numbers. Children have reinforced their understanding of number bonds to ten. They have also worked on counting both forwards and backwards, across hundreds. If you would like to practice number bonds to ten and counting across hundreds with your child I am sure they would be thrilled to show you just how much they have learned!

To finish, I would like to add that the children have blown me and Miss Fox away with their determination, dedication and progress!