Whatever Next- week 2

This week we have rotated activities so now all children have completed all our space activities from over the 2 weeks. We have 1 week left on this core text.

We have continued to build a rocket using shapes and many of the children were able to identify the shapes they used to make the rocket. We also discussed in our groups what or who we would take to space if we went and made marks to represent this.

We have continued to learn all about zero. The children were able to identify 0 in different forms, show 0 fingers as well as form the numeral 0 correctly.

Whatever Next- week 2Whatever Next- week 2

We also learnt all about our planet Earth- ask the children which planet we live on and see if they can identify Earth for you……I think you will be impressed!

We enjoyed singing our number song 5 little men in a flying saucer and identifying how many men were left after one flew away. The children loved this activity! Why don't you continue this activity at home and see if the children can teach you this song.

We also enjoyed some lycra time all together as a nursery to try and strengthen our motor skills.

Whatever Next- week 2Whatever Next- week 2

Today is Children in Need and what an effort everyone has made. The children look amazing in their spots, pyjamas, Pudsey and teddy bear attire. Thank you to all for your participation. We have enjoyed playing some colour sorting games and parachute games with Mrs Thompson in PE today.

This weeks little rays of sunshine are Erin Hanmer as she has settled into nursery life and is beginning to follow rules and routines independently. She also completed a four-piece jigsaw. Annie Fletcher as she always impresses Mrs Blackett in how well she listens and remembers things they do in group. This week she really impressed when singing 5 little men in a flying saucer and was able to tell me how many were left when one was taken away. She also represented these numbers using her fingers. Ruby-Rae Vickers for doing great tidying at tidy up time. Finn Barnett as he did an amazing job at making a rocket using shapes. He was able to correctly name all of the shapes he used. Harlie-Jane Irwin as she is trying so hard to write all of the sounds in her name and is forming recognisable letters. Finally, Mollie Lambert-Cousins as she really impressed with her shape knowledge whilst building her rocket. Well done to you all, what superstars!

Whatever Next- week 2Whatever Next- week 2

Next week is our final week on Whatever next before we move onto our favourite time fo year........Christmas!