People who help us

This week we have started our topic of people who help us. We started the week by asking the children if they could name any professionals who help us before we looked at some clues to support our thinking.

We have specifically focused on the role of the School Crossing patrol and stranger danger. This week we have been very lucky to have some visitors in Nursery. On Thursday morning we had the School Crossing Patrol lady visit us to discuss how to keep safe when crossing the road. She told us a story about a little boy called Jack who didn't hold his grown ups hand and ran into the road and got hit by a car. We discussed what Jack should have done and who helped Jack to get better. We were also lucky enough to have Claire and the police dogs Jet and Ben visit us on Thursday afternoon to talk about stranger danger and how to keep safe in the community. This was a lovely treat for us this week.

People who help us People who help us

We have enjoyed singing some number songs specifically the fireman song and also enjoyed practising our cutting skills.

People who help us People who help us

In provision we have enjoyed dressing up in the role play area as doctors and vets. As well as enjoying the fine layer of snow we had this week in the nursery garden.

Our little rays of sunshine this week are Leo McManus as he pointed out that “this is big and this is small when comparing the dinosaur bones. He also realised that if he tapped them together “it makes a noise” this was very observant Leo! George Gibbon as he did a great subtraction job while playing a computer game. He needed to leave a certain number of frogs on the log which the computer told him so George was able to remove the current number to leave what was needed. Ruby-Rae Vickers as she has done so well using the toilet and had no accidents this week. Finn Barnett as he has had a great time in nursery this week and has especially enjoyed playing in the role play area. Albie Howe as he always joins in and gives his best at group time. When talking abut strangers he tole me “You cannot open the door to them”. He remembered a stranger was someone we don't know and also remembered a safer stranger could be a teacher. Finally, Cora Goundry as she has been such a kind friend and helped one of her friends with our cutting activity as she could see they were struggling. Well done to you all, what superstars!

People who help us People who help us

Next week the morning group will be having a visit from Jet and Ben and the afternoon children will be having a visit from the School Crossing Patrol. We are also going to be visited by Weardale vets towards the end of the week