Pupil of the Month

Pupil of the Month

Today we announced our pupils of the month for April 2024.

RA - Ellis Johnson
My pupil of the month for April is Ellis Johnson. Ellis truly is one in a million. He has a smile that could light up the whole of the sky and a laugh that can make your heart sing. Recently, Ellis has been trying super hard to engage in his lessons and has been showing off his mathematical knowledge. He has also been wowing with us with his communication skills as he has built up the courage to stand in front of our class to tell us what he has been up to in the holidays. Ellis is an absolute delight to have in our class and we love to have him. He sees the magic in everything that he does and he truly wants to do well. Well done, Ellis!

RW - Paisley Graham
RW’s pupil of the month for April goes to Paisley Graham. Paisley is incredibly confident and is always willing and eager to share her thoughts and ideas with the class which in turn inspires and helps the other children with their learning too. Paisley always gives her best effort in everything she attempts and has impressed us all with how she applies her phonics and maths in her own play time. She is a concerned friend and is a great negotiator when it comes to getting her ideas and point of view across, it is always such a pleasure talking with Paisley and we have some wonderful conversations. Well done Paisley!

1L - Amelia Howarth
Congratulations to Amelia for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month. Since returning from the Easter holidays, Amelia has shown great enthusiasm for her learning, always trying hard to improve her work and give trickier questions a go. Recently, she has concentrated on improving her handwriting, making sure she forms her letters in the correct direction and starting them in the correct place. Amelia is a wonderful reader and this is just beginning to transfer over into her writing. Amelia uses a wide vocabulary and knows how to punctate her sentences correctly. Amelia is delightful to have in the classroom and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for her. Well done!

1M - Rosabelle Riley
1M's pupil of the month award goes to Rosabelle Riley. Rosabelle has really pushed herself this month and shown incredible emerald and sapphire power. All of her efforts have paid off as she has produced some fabulous writing and tackled some very difficult challenges in maths. We are all so proud of Rosabelle and the wonderful role model she is to others in 1M. Her great behaviour has never faltered and I feel very lucky to have her in my class. I look forward to spending the rest of the year with this little ray of sunshine! Well done, Rosabelle! Keep it up!

2DT - Seth Goundry
Seth is such a wonderful character to have in the class! His eagerness to succeed is second to none as he strives to push himself every single day. He is not only a very helpful member of the class, he is also a shining example of what a good friend looks like! Seth's emerald power is shining brightly at the moment along with his diamond power for just having a go and working independently with lots of his work. We are super proud of his progress so far, especially in his reading. Keep being a superstar, Seth - well done!

2B - Grace Greensmith
Grace has simply got to be 2B's Pupil of the Month for April! Since returning to school after the Easter break, Grace has knocked my socks off time after time. Grace has come back with much improved focus and has worked so hard to hold attention on her independent tasks which has allowed her to completely finish tasks that she previously would not have.
However, Grace's positive, hardworking attitude is not new and she has worked incredibly hard to get to this point. Grace wants to impress in every lesson and stays for each and every booster that she is invited to without complaint. Grace should be so proud of herself, as I am! You go, girl!

3S - Leona Watret
Leona always uses her diamond power and is eager to share her answers with the class, always having a go even if she finds a question tricky. She has very good recall of our sticky knowledge facts. She also shows me her ruby power everyday by being a good friend to other members of 3S, and has lovely manners. Well done Leona, you are a superstar!

3F - Bridie Davies
Bridie is 3F's Pupil of the Month for her outstanding attitude to learning. Bridie is such a kind, helpful and thoughtful member of the class. She always looks for ways to help myself and others and is the first to volunteer to do jobs in the classroom. Bridie also has bucketful's of resilience and gives every task 100% effort even when she is struggling. Keep up the fantastic work Bridie!

4G - Jude Johnson
My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Jude. Jude is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. He sets a perfect example of how to behave sensibly in school, and he has an abundance of kindness which he shares with others every day. Jude can always be relied upon to give 100% effort in all of his learning. He has so much resilience and will give everything a go. I am so proud of the progress Jude is making this year. Well done!

4L - Robbie Clarey
Robbie has had an excellent month. He has coped extremely well with changes in class and he will always engage and participate in lessons with interesting and well thought out ideas. He thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit to Binchester Roman Fort and he asked thought provoking questions and had some excellent answers to the questions the children were asked. Robbie is always keen to share his thoughts and ideas. In addition, Robbie has shone with Ruby power this month and I often see him helping others or being kind without any encouragement. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. Well done Robbie - keep up your hard work!

5M - Paddy Lambert-Cousins
Paddy sets an excellent example to his peers. He is hardworking, considerate and respectful. Paddy always has a fantastic attitude to learning and always strives to do his best. He is helpful around the classroom and a kind friend. Well done Paddy.

5BT - Estelle Gent
Estelle is just an absolute delight to have in our class. She fully encapsulates all of our gem powers, and this shows in the work that she produces, which is always to a very high standard. In particular, Estelle is a very kind friend to others and has a fantastic sense of humour, which keeps us entertained. Keep it up, Estelle. You're a star!

6O - Harriet Mills
Harriet has made an especially fantastic effort in school this month! Not only has she been demonstrating increased confidence and independence in her own work, particularly in maths, but she has also been helping to support her peers by teaching them strategies for solving problems. She participates in every lesson by putting her hand up for every question, sharing her fabulous ideas with the class. Great job Harriet!

6T - Ethan Koch
6T’s pupil of the month is Ethan because he has shone with gem power. As well as having diamond power by being independent, he also shows fantastic sapphire power in lessons as he is always focused on his learning. This month, I have also been impressed with his emerald power as he has shown great resilience and made excellent contributions to class discussions. Keep up the amazing work Ethan!