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  • Dates for diary Term 2B
    Dates for diary Term 2B

End of Year

Published on Monday 13 July 2020 by Miss Dickinson.

Hi Everyone,

Well this is not the way we all wanted to end this year in Nursery but as long as everyone is safe and well that is all that matters. I would just like to say a big well done to all of the children who worked so hard this year and a big thank you to all of the parents that have suppported their child throughout their time with us. Here is a little end of year celebration video for you to watch with the good times and memories of nursery

Good luck to those children who are going on their new adventures to school, I know you will all have lots of fun. I can't wait to see the children who will be returning to Nursery in September and to meet the new children and make some new friends.

Good luck to Miss Fox who is also going on her new adventure to teach in Reception and welcome to Miss Gill and Miss Kitching who will be joining our Nursery team.

Returners will be back on Wednesday 3rd September and the new children will be in for a transition on Thursday 4th September. Please check the website in September for more information regarding starting Nursery and how things will work.

I hope you all have a lovely Summer, take care and see you In September!

    Goodbye Mr Storey

    Published on Thursday 2 July 2020 by Crook Primary.

    Goodbye Mr Storey

    Mr Storey has been promoted to the post of Early Years Lead in another school. He will take up his new post in September. Mr Storey has been an exceptional member of staff and has done so much for all the children at Crook Primary.We will miss him greatly as apart from being a great teacher, he is such fun to work with. Thank you so much Chris with love from all of us at Crook Primary.

    Miss Fox will now be joining Miss Roberts to teach in Reception instead of Mr Storey from September. This will create a very strong Reception team and help children who have been at nursery with transition.

    Miss Gill will now be teaching Miss Fox' groups from September as Miss Fox is moving to Reception

      Rainbow Week

      Published on Friday 19 June 2020 by Miss Dickinson.

      Hi Everyone, We hope you have all been getting our marvellous me messages as we have been having a few problems with the app recently. Thank you to those parents who have let us know you couldn't receive the activities, we have contacted the support centre and they are going to look into this for us. We sent out your child's end of year report last week via the app so please if you didn't receive it can you let us know via email or phone and we can get it sent out to you again. We have received some lovely photos of some of the rainbow activities we sent out, here are a selection.

      Daniel and Sophie and Alfie chose to make their own rainbow using bricks- they look great!

      Rainbow Week Rainbow Week

      Olivia and Joshua and Amelia chose to play the rainbow game using a dice and whatever number they landed on they had to do that many rainbow stripes. It looks like you are all very good with your number recognition, counting and your colours, well done!

      Rainbow Week Rainbow Week

      Luke and Austin have been matching the correct colours to the number. What lovely rainbows you have made boys!

      Rainbow Week Rainbow Week

      Thank you once again for keeping in touch with us and sending some lovely photos of you completing the activities we have been sending out. It is lovely to see many of you still working so hard! We hope to see many more pictures over the next few weeks to keep the website updated. Take care everyone and stay safe!

        Minibeast home learning

        Published on Tuesday 12 May 2020 by Miss Dickinson.

        Wow, another fun learning week at home for lots of children in nursery. We are so pleased to see many of you completing the challenges we are setting for you each week, well done and thank you. This week we have had lots of photos on our topic about caterpillars and butterflies so here are a few for you to see the different things some of your friends have been getting up to.

        The Rowell family have been looking for lots of minibeasts while out on their walks and Olivia has been reading the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and sorting and organising all of the food that the caterpillar eats.

        Minibeast home learning Minibeast home learning

        Noah has been watching his caterpillars turn into butterflies and was brave enough this week to hold one before he let them go in the garden. Lennon has also made a super colourful butterfly using his feet, great idea!

        Minibeast home learning Minibeast home learning

        Jak has been doing some symmetry and ensured he coloured both sides of his butterfly the same while Austin has been having lots of fun bubble painting and decorated a butterfly using this technique.

        Minibeast home learning Minibeast home learning

        Well nursery as always you never cease to amaze us. It seems you are all working very hard at home completing our little challenges that we are setting for you. Thank you to you and your families for keeping us informed of what you are doing and your little messages to let us know how you all are. Please take care and stay safe as always.

          Another busy week at home!

          Published on Tuesday 5 May 2020 by Miss Dickinson.

          Wow, another busy week for so many of you at home. We are so pleased that you are enjoying completing our little tasks we are setting each week on marvellous me. Thank you all so much for your photographs and messages. Lots of messages are saying the children are missing their friends and nursery teachers and we can't say enough how much we are missing the children and how much we want to return to nursery but only when it is safe to do so! This week we have had a variety of tasks sent in so here are a few....

          Austin has been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly and Luke enjoyed doing some arts and crafts and made a caterpillar. It has also been Luke's birthday so Happy belated birthday to you, we all hope you had a lovely day!

          Another busy weel at home!Another busy weel at home!

          Alfie and Freddie have been practising writing their name. You are both getting very good at your name wirting skills, keep up the super work!

          Another busy weel at home!Another busy weel at home!

          Olivia has been introduced to adding duplo blocks and what a great job she has done with this, even writing her own numbers for the answers, this is so clever. Sophie has been ordering with everyday objects in her garden from tallest to shortest and what a great job you have done of this Sophie!

          Another busy weel at home!Another busy weel at home!

          You have all been so busy again this week. Please keep up the super work and continue to send in your messages and photographs as we love hearing/seeing what you have been up to. We will do another update next week with more examples of children's activities. As it's VE day on Friday if any of you are having your own little family parties please send in photographs to show us how you celebrated. Have a lovely week!

            Home learning

            Published on Thursday 30 April 2020 by Miss Dickinson.

            We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thank you to those families who have sent photos of activities to show us what you have been doing at home. It is lovely to see all of your happy faces! Here are a few examples of what your friends have been up to at home during this strange time. Rori has been planting and Rosi has been drawing pictures as she is missing her friends from nursery so much!

            Home learning Home learning

            River has been creative with his arts and crafts materials and Lachlan has been practising his number skills.

            Home learning Home learning

            Lennon has been making his own pizza which look delicious and Amelia and Harvey have been baking.

            Home learning Home learning

            You have all been very busy this week, it was lovely to see all of your photos. Please continue to send them to the nursery email address and we will put a selection on our website page each week. Stay safe and take care!