Sport Action Plan

Area for Improvement

To enhance and build on quality PE.


Where are we now?

The school benefits from having a full time PE Teacher who delivers high quality PE sessions once a week to each class. The class teacher has been teaching the second hour, which included OAA and character building. In addition, extracurricular clubs are available for children across the school, which aim to develop the skills that children have learned in PE. Following the implementation of our new connected curriculum, we have aimed to provide enrichment opportunities by providing different sports clubs to each year group. This has been well received, but we have listened to children’s voice and have identified sports that the children would most like to experience, such as basketball, frisbee and tennis.


Historically, our swimming results are below the national average. Therefore, this is something that we will look to continue to improve over the next academic year. Following a successful year 2022-23, the swimming data has improved and we aim to continue providing extra sessions to improve swimming data.


What do we want to improve?

The school will look to continue to improve our swimming data and raise the awareness of swimming in the community by having extra swimming sessions, with a targeted approach and prolonged periods of the school year used for identified classes so that progression can be achieved.

In order to provide children with the expected amount of time of high standard of PE provision, we have identified the need for another member of staff to discreetly teach the second hour of P.E. CPD has been structured with the SLA to upskill our new sports practitioner, as well as provide refresher training for our PE team.

We will continue to work alongside our cluster schools to provide opportunities for children to participate in competitions (Football League, Girls Football League, Netball League and athletics) and to have expert input from secondary school practitioners at sporting festivals. 

We will continue to embed our effective tracking system. Using the data, we want to provide extra provision for a targeted group of children for intervention to address gaps, and another targeted group of more able children to support their development. We also aim to provide more opportunities for children to experience a range of sporting activities through our enrichment extra-provision before, during and after the school day.



Improvement/Action(Including people responsible)

Time Scale


Measure/ impact of improvement

Monitoring & evaluation

Interventions and high quality teaching of PE.

Sept 2023 - July 2024

PE Assistant Coordinator


Progress of children - data


Quality PE teaching is being taught across the school and judged at least good


All pupils receiving two hours of PE each week


Enhanced extra-curricular activities will be well attended

Lesson observations




Swimming Data

Sept 2023 - July 2024


Extra provision of lessons - Sports premium money utilised

Swimming data to meet previous year’s national average (28% 21/22)



Swimphony data

Develop opportunities for competitive sport and participation in festivals

Sept 2023 - July 2024

PE Coordinators




KS1 – Levels of participation and feedback from children

KS2 – Distance travelled

Feedback from pupils

Data on performance and achievement


CPD training for staff internally

Sept 2023 - July 2024

PE Coordinators



CPD for PE Coordinators 

High quality provision provided through monitoring and data.

Lesson observations

Evidence via videos for tracking