Sport Action Plan

Area for Improvement

To enhance and build on quality PE.


Where are we now?

The school benefits from having a full time PE Teacher, who delivers high quality PE sessions once a week to each class. In addition, Class Teachers also teach an hour of PE delivering a range of invasive games, gymnastics and multi-skills. In order to maintain pupil engagement parents requested for a larger range of extra-curricular activities, clubs are now oversubscribed and have proven to be a success. After school registers show that 56 children attend at least one after school club per week in Key Stage One and 130 children attend at least one after school club per week in Key Stage Two. This means 49% of children are accessing clubs we are offering as a school.

Last year the PE Team set a target of increasing participation in sport outside of school. As a PE Team we have worked continuously to create links with other schools and clubs. It has been fantastic to see the number of children continue their passion for sport in our community. Through pupil questionnaires we found that 30% of our children attend clubs (115/379).

As a school our swimming results are below the national average. Therefore, this is something that we will look to improve over the next academic year. Although classes do attend swimming lessons regularly throughout the year, we feel working with Durham County Council and promoting local pools will have an impact on our results.

What do we want to improve?

The school will look to improve our swimming data and raise the awareness of swimming in the community. Creating more community links and working with Sport England to pursue the development of a new swimming pool in the area will have a positive impact on how well the children can swim.

After meeting with the PE Team it is clear we have expertise in a range of fields. Therefore, we would use staff meetings to deliver CPD and provide teaching staff with fundamental skills for sport.

The 2018/19 academic year has seen a significant increase in the number of School Teams. It is important for the school to keep providing children with opportunities to play competitive sports at a high standard. Therefore, as a PE Team we will seek out further leagues hence creating more teams.

The introduction of an efficient and effective tracking system has allowed the PE Team to collect and analyse data for PE. Using this data we now need to be providing the children with consistent and regular interventions to address gaps in their learning.


Improvement/Action(Including people responsible)

Time Scale


Measure/ impact of improvement

Monitoring & evaluation

Regular interventions to close gaps in learning

Sept 2019 – Onwards

PE Assistant Coordinator

Data to be tracked using current system


Liaise with Class Teachers on impact on interventions

Interventions will see an improvement in progress and attainment for PE

Improvement in swimming data

Sept 2019 – Onwards

Durham County Council links

Sport England links

Swimphony data

Increase in the number of children that are water confident


Increase in the number of pupils that go swimming


Increase swimphony data


Promote swimming pools in the local community

Swimphony data


Durham County Council links to evaluate the number of children attending swimming pools outside of school



Develop a wider range of School Teams

Sept 2019 - 2020

PE Coordinators

School Staff


Working with the cluster schools to create and manage more School Teams. For example: Rugby, Hockey and Cricket

Evaluate at the end of July 2020 on how many teams have represented

CPD training for staff internally

Sept 2019 - Onwards

PE Coordinators



CPD for PE Coordinators

Staff questionnaire to identify areas of weakness

Staff to create and deliver a number of CPD staff meetings

Repeat staff questionnaire to identify impact