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St. Cuthberts Charity Shop Donations

Published on Wednesday 6 December 2023 by Miss Adlington.

The VOC decided that the toys left over from our in school toy 'sale' should be donated to Crook's local charity shops to give to children in our town. We went to St Cuthbert's Hospice Charity Shop this morning and we were welcomed by the lovely Diane, who The CLT have previously worked with for our Crown Competition last year. Diane and the staff were very happy to take the toy donations and explained that if the toys didn't all fit in the Crook shop they could be shared amongst the other nine shops they have; we thought it was lovely that not only could these donations help Crook, but the wider community also.

St. Cuthberts Charity Shop DonationsSt. Cuthberts Charity Shop Donations

The leftover books we had donated are going to support KS2 with our new in school reading scheme so thank you to all the amazing books families donated too.

Well done to The VOC for their great idea for the community and being positive role models for our school whilst being out in our town; they were polite, sensible and friendly to everyone. Good job team!

St. Cuthberts Charity Shop Donations

    VOC Toy Fayre

    Published on Wednesday 29 November 2023 by Miss Adlington.

    WOW, we were blown away today to see all of your wonderful, generous toy donations at our toy fayre this morning; all of which were in fabulous condition too. Thank you so much to you and your children for being so kind to donate them.

    It was lovely to see families coming into school and choosing some fab toys, books and preloved uniform. What a way to help the environment too. We do have some toys and plenty of books left over. The VOC will meet to decide how best to use these leftover toys to benefit our community even further. Thank you again Crook Primary families! What a successful morning!

    VOC Toy FayreVOC Toy Fayre

      Christmas Trail

      Published on Wednesday 29 November 2023 by Miss Adlington.

      We raised £9.15 this morning at the toy fayre and The VOC have decided to use these funds to run a Christmas Trail on our school yard. After the roaring success of the Halloween Trail, The VOC thought this would be a fun, exciting festive activity for everyone!


      Lunchtime staff will check children's sheets to see if they have found all the festive characters on the yard and if they do so they will win a Christmas treat! The trail will take place on Wednesday 13th December.


      Christmas Trail

        Crook Factor preparations!

        Published on Monday 27 November 2023 by Miss J Burnip.

        On Friday everyone across school had a very entertaining, exciting afternoon showcasing their Crook Factor auditions. There were comedians, dancers, ballet dancers, gymnast, magicians... and so much more. What an incredibly tricky decision it was to decide upon finalists to perform at Crook Factor in our final week of term. We are happy to announce our finalists for Crook Factor 2023 are:

        Y1 - Brutus Atkinson

        Y2 - Lucas McKenzie

        Y3 - Grace Piper

        Y4 - Larissa, Evie and Gracie

        Y5 - Andrea, Mia and Millie

        Y6 - Harriet Mills

        Crook Factor preparations!

        With special returning performances coming from:

        Noah and Teddy

        The Bumble Bees (Luna, Amelia and Annabelle)

        Crook Factor preparations!

        Let the rehearsing commence ready for the big day! Your year group VOC representatives will be on hand to check in with finalists and check they are feeling prepared and confident for Monday 18th December!

          Children in Need and toy donations!

          Published on Wednesday 22 November 2023 by Miss J Burnip.

          WOW! Everyone looked super cosy in their cosiest teddy bear clothes and pyjamas today; all in the spirit of Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who made donations directly to the charity. It's wonderful to be a part of celebrating such a special day for children in need in our country.

          Children in Need and toy donations!

          Another huge thank you to everyone who took the time to donate any unused or wanted toys from their homes. The VOC have decided that next week there will be a toy fair where parents will have the opportunity to choose a new toy for their child and the remaining toys will be taken to a local charity shop.

          The VOC hope that everyone has had a cosy fun day celebrating Children in Need in their fluffy, warm clothes. We are looking forward to sharing a date for the toy fair with you very soon!

            Crook Factor Auditions Are Coming!

            Published on Wednesday 8 November 2023 by Miss Adlington.

            It is that time of year again and auditions are being held for this year's Crook Factor!

            If you have a hidden talent that you wish to share with the school then auditions are being held on Friday 24th November 2023.

            You have two weeks from now to practice your talent before the auditions start with your class teacher. It could be a special dance routine, singing a song, telling jokes, playing a musical instrument etc. Any special talent!

            One person from the year group will be chosen to go head to head with the rest of the school on Monday 18th December.

            We look forward to seeing your audition on Friday 24th November! Get practising your spectacular acts and good luck!

            From The Voice of Crook

            Crook Factor Auditions Are Coming!

              Children in Need and Toy Donations

              Published on Wednesday 8 November 2023 by Miss Adlington.

              This year we will hold our Children in Need day on Friday 17th November. To celebrate the day, children can come to school in a Teddy Bear themed outfit. The VOC have decided that these outfits should be fluffy, smooth and cosy items of clothing or pyjamas. The more bear-ish the better!

              This year, everyone has felt the pressure of the cost of living crisis and the VOC want to organise something to help children that might be feeling the impact. The VOC are asking for donations of toys to be brought in to help local children. So, if you have any toys sat around the house gathering dust and you think that somebody else might enjoy playing with that toy, bring it to school for Children in Need day! Later in the term, the VOC will organise a toy fair where our pupils will have the opportunity to choose a new toy and the remaining toys will be taken to a local charity shop.

              We would be grateful if children who come into school in a teddy bear themed outfit can donate £1 straight to Children in Need online to show their support ( We will not be collecting money in school. Let's make a big difference to the lives of children and families who have been affected.

              Thank you for your continued support!

              We can't wait to see all of your cosy, teddy themed outfits soon!

              Children in Need and Toy DonationsChildren in Need and Toy Donations

                We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt!

                Published on Wednesday 25 October 2023 by Miss Adlington.

                There was lots of excitement at lunchtime today to find all 6 pumpkin faces and their names in order to win a Halloween sweet! There was lots of teamwork and ruby power shown to one another... as well as some strong emerald power to find the most tricky ones!!! (We think it was a suspicious witch who hid the last pumpkin under the goal post!).

                We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt!We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt!

                Well done to everyone who entered and enjoyed their yummy treat. The VOC hope you had lots of fun!

                We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt!We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt!

                  A Spooktacular Halloween!

                  Published on Wednesday 25 October 2023 by Miss Adlington.

                  WOW! VOC have been blown away today by the amount of FANGtastic homemade outfits people came to school in today! There has clearly been so much time, thought and effort gone into every outfit - a big well done to ALL!


                  Our Comic Strip Competition was very well received with some very imaginative spooky stories and we had such detailed, colourful, interesting illustrations to match. The winners are:


                  KS1 - Evie Spence

                  Y3/4 - Lennon Beveridge

                  Y5/6 - Rose Colcombe


                  A special mention to: Anna Buliga, Harriet Mills, Connie Hanmer and Emily Staples for coming VERY close to winning as they had AMAZING entries also. You should be super proud.


                  The winners for most spooktactular homemade fancy dress are:



                  First - Isabelle Conway

                  Second - Bobbie Collins

                  Third - Jack Newby



                  First - Eva Langham

                  Second - Luca McLean

                  Third - Lucas McKenzie



                  First - Jenson Coleman

                  Second - Jak Beasley

                  Third - Isabel Addison



                  First - Poppy Wallace

                  Second - Maisie Nicholson

                  Third - Jackson McLean


                  The children also had an amazing time searching the playground for all the different pumpkin faces in order to win themselves a Halloween sweet treat! What a wonderful day had by all!


                  Huge well done to the VOC 2023/24 for their first whole school event!

                  A Spooktacular Halloween!

                    First VOC Meeting of the Year

                    Published on Wednesday 11 October 2023 by Miss Adlington.

                    What a fabulous time VOC have had meeting for the first time and seeing the group in action! We noticed some real critical thinking, awareness of wider issues and thoughtfulness of other people's ideas. This week we discussed:

                    - Designing the brand new VOC logo!

                    - Ideas for a fun Halloween competition/dress up day on Wednesday 25th October

                    - Theme and ideas for Children in Need 2023

                    All exciting info about these ideas will be announced in due course!

                    We are also excited to announce some of the new golden VOC badges have arrived for our representatives too. Therefore they will be hopefully represented with them in next POTM assembly!

                    First VOC Meeting of the YearFirst VOC Meeting of the Year