Pixie Protectors

Published on Thursday 9 November 2017 by Miss Lywood.

Pixie Protectors is a new school based project which focuses on building the confidence and promoting the well-being of girls in KS1. The project will be split across six days throughout the year and each day will focus on a part of the body that affects their well-being. Each part is linked to two words which have been identified as important factors in life. Each session will consist of circle time to discuss any concerns or worries the girls may be experiencing, journal writing and finishing off with some light exercise to release those happy chemicals for a healthy mind.

Pixie Protectors Pixie Protectors

DAY 1 - Head

The girls discussed how important this part of our body was and how their brains can affect their mood, their education and how they deal with things that they find challenging. The girls focused on the keywords of the session 'acceptance' and 'acknowledgement' and discussed what those words meant to them.

The girls were introduced to two fictitious characters which represented their inner voices, 'Pixie' and 'Bell'. They learnt that everyone has two voices inside their head and that the voices represent our positive (Pixie) and negative thoughts (Bell). It was up to the girls to decide which one they needed to listen to and which one they needed to ignore. Throughout the session and across the year, the girls will continue to learn strategies to help identify their 'Pixie' voice when problems arise.

Pixie Protectors Pixie Protectors

In Year 1, we really enjoyed meeting Pixie and Bell. Pixie inspired us to think about the type of person we want to be, the type of person who can accept and acknowledge others around us. We thought of some excellent words to describe the type of Pixie we want to be: magnificent, warm-hearted, lovely, good and fantastic. Above all, we came to the conclusion that we would like to 'do what Pixie would do'.

Pixie Protectors Pixie Protectors

In Year

we wrote our first journal entries of a time when our 'Bell' voices had been overpowering and what we did to overcome those issues. We wrote responses to ourselves using our 'Pixie' thoughts and then personalised our journals so that they represented who we are as confident young ladies.