Pixie Protectors

Published on Monday 5 February 2018 by Miss Roberts.

To start off day 2 we recapped what we have learned since our very first session. The girls showed great maturity and a wonderful attitude towards our programme. They were able to tell us who our voices are, Pixie and Bell, and they could also explain what defines our voices. Since the last session it seems as though the girls have found times to resonate with these voices as they described strategies to overcome Bell, and find their Pixie.

DAY 2 - Heart

In today's session we focused on a very important part of our body, the heart. We discussed our feelings and how our feelings can differ depending on how we start our day, how we treat those around us and our overall attitude.

Our key words for the session were 'esteem' and 'empowerment'. The girls worked with a partner and also did some independent thinking to try and understand what these two words meant. Whilst we focus on our own bodies, we also challenged the idea of looking after others. We decided that we do not have to simply empower ourselves or look after our own self-esteem but as a group, we can empower others and help build each other us. We looked at the importance of helping our friends and family to feel good about themselves by respecting each other and being kind.

Pixie ProtectorsPixie Protectors

By taking some out to complete some mindful colouring (a strategy we have learned to use to calm down), we noticed how happy and strong we felt when we came to discuss further points of our day.

Pixie Protectors

We are looking forward to day 3 across Year 1 and Year

as we focus on another part of the body and more key words. We are certainly becoming confident and strong young ladies.