Pixie Protectors

Published on Wednesday 31 October 2018 by Miss Roberts.

We are the 'Pixie Protectors', we want to empower ourselves and other girls. We want to be happy, strong and independent.

Day 1 - Head (Acceptance and Acknowledgement)

Day 2 - Heart (Esteem and Empowerment)

Day 3 - Hands (Future and Change)

Day 4 - Belly (Motivation and Resilience)

Day 5 - Legs (Strength and Support)

Day 6 - Soul (Inspiration and Happiness)

Pixie Protectors

My name is Pixie. I am your strong voice. If you are feeling down and feel like you are struggling, use my voice. We can be Pixies together.

Pixie Protectors

My name is Bell. I am your annoying voice. I might turn up when you don't want me to, but that's when Pixie usually tries to help you!