Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 30 November 2018 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for November 2018.

RR - Beaux Poulter

My pupil of the month for November is the lovely, Beaux. She has worked extremely hard all month and has shown a great willingness to complete various challenges around the unit. Beaux has been a fantastic support to the children in Reception, she has played with children who have been looking for friends and also helped to make sure all children are doing the right thing. With a lovely little smile and excellent position on the carpet, Beaux has been a wonderful member to have in my class. Well done, Beaux!

RS - Teddy Genner

Teddy has had an excellent month making progress across the curriculum. Teddy has persevered with his sounds and is now starting t blend and write CVC words. Also, Teddy has come out of his shell telling the staff all about his adventures at home and keeping them up to date with his school day. I am delighted for Teddy and hope he keeps up the good work!

1D - Ethan Crawford

Ethan is my pupil of the month for his sheer grit and determination with his reading. He is a brilliant role model to the other children in the group and always gives 100% to his work. Ethan is always cheerful and shows an improving ability to persevere when he finds something tricky - what an amazing quality to have! Well done Ethan!

1L - Rosie Davies

Congratulations to Rosie Davies for being 1L's Pupil of the Month! Rosie has a fantastic attitude towards her learning and is always looking out for others in the classroom, whether it's helping with their reading or by tying their shoe laces. Well done for being such a superstar and a beautiful friend to many. Keep up the hard work!

1M - Joseph Knighton

1M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Joseph Knighton. Joseph has given 100% effort since starting Year 1 in September. His behaviour has been impeccable and he sets a wonderful example to others. Joseph is kind and is always willing to help myself and other pupils. Well done Joseph!

2G - Dakota Clark

My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Dakota Clark. Dakota is such a kind and caring girl who always thinks about others. She is also extremely helpful around the classroom, completing jobs without being asked. Dakota always puts 100% effort into everything she does. I am very proud of you Dakota, and you are a pleasure to have in the classroom.  Well done!

2N - Sophie Cranston

Sophie is trying extremely hard in all aspects in school life and is making good progress. She is a wonderful member of 2N, who always takes part in class discussions and is a excellent role model to the rest of the class. Keep up the hard work Sophie.

3A - Emily Bowden

Emily has been a shining example to the rest of year 3 this month. She has shown fantastic learning behaviour and shown her best work in every subject. She has also gone the extra mile and thought about her learning at home as well; including reading, writing and times tables. Throughout November I have seen kind, thoughtful behaviour and actions towards other children in the class and even made everyone in the class a picture and brought them in a sticker each. She has listened to feedback I have given to her and thought about how she can improve. Well done, Emily. I am very proud.

3F - Blake Bestford

Blake has such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all his learning and takes real pride in his work. He loves working as part of a team, supporting his peers and really enjoys all aspects of school life. Blake is a pleasure to have in class. Well done Blake.

4M - Kate Scott

Kate's effort in going above and beyond what is expected from her has improved. It is great to see that Kate is resilient and more independent in lessons and now takes her enthusiasm home with her, doing extra learning at home. Well done Kate on your improved effort. Continue to work on this and you will shine.

4R - Lexi Bowron

Lexi is 4R's pupil of the month for the wonderful attitude she brings to the classroom everyday. Lexi is always up for the challenge and makes it her responsibility to learn something in every lesson which is shown in her brilliant work. In addition, Lexi is a kind and caring individual who always puts others before herself. She is a fantastic role model for our school and always has a smile on her face. Well done!

5A - Brooke Henry

Brooke has been a stand out pupil this month with her positive attitude across the curriculum. Brooke was our Mathletics champion in Year 5 with an amazing 22,000 points, beating the rest of the year group by 14,000 points. In English, Brooke has produced a great non-chronological report and confidently used relative clauses in her work! She is a delight to have in the classroom as she is helpful to and friendly with everyone. Well done Brooke!

5T - Jake Parvin

5T's pupil of the month is Jake Parvin. He has shown great enthusiasm for our Ancient Greek topic and made excellent contributions to our discussions in Science on the affect of forces. His determination to achieve has led to great progress with his reading and  writing. Keep up the fantastic work Jake!

6H - Shannon Alderson

My pupil of the month is Shannon Alderson for numerous reasons. Shannon continues to grow in confidence within class and is keen to participate in classroom discussions with sensible suggestions.  She particularly enjoy maths and has effectively researched at home, information linked to our class topic. Alongside all this Shannon is a positive role-model to others within the class and always volunteers to help. It is wonderful to watch her flourish and beam with confidence when she achieves her own personal challenge.

6O - Ella Lowes

Ella has worked really hard to improve her confidence and resilience both inside and outside the classroom. She is showing a mature and positive attitude across all areas of the curriculum which is going to help her to achieve to a very high level this year. Well done, Ella, for taking an independent approach to your learning.