Support for Parents

We all know that being a father, mother or carer is not an easy job and at times things get tough.
We are here to help, if needed, to deal with the challenges family life can bring.

 Whe can help you by providing...

• Information, advice and practical support including helping you access other information.
• One-one support in your own home or other suitable venues.
• Information about local and national support services.
• Opportunities for you to get involved in your child’s learning and school.
• Opportunities to learn new skills and meet with other parents.
• Courses to build positive relationships with your child and share parenting experiences.

Support Documents for Parents 

  •  Parent Helpline
    Parent Helpline
  • Are your kids safe online?
    Are your kids safe online?
  • Break the Vicious Circle
    Break the Vicious Circle
  • Childhood Obesity
    Childhood Obesity
  • Children Respond Differently
    Children Respond Differently
  • Click Clever - Click Safe
    Click Clever - Click Safe
  • County Lines
    County Lines
  • Energy Drinks - Myths and Facts
    Energy Drinks - Myths and Facts
  • Examine Your Lifestyle
    Examine Your Lifestyle
  • Facebook for Parents
    Facebook for Parents
  • Google for Parents
    Google for Parents
  • Great Outdoor Ideas
    Great Outdoor Ideas
  • Holidays in Term Time
    Holidays in Term Time
  • Instagram for Parents
    Instagram for Parents
  • Internet Safety
    Internet Safety
  • Online Safety for Primary School Childre
    Online Safety for Primary School Childre
  • Positive Parenting Guide
    Positive Parenting Guide
  • Prevent - Extremism
    Prevent - Extremism
  • Risks your child may face online
    Risks your child may face online
  • Safeguarding children for all of society
    Safeguarding children for all of society
  • Short Breaks Offer
    Short Breaks Offer
  • Sleep Factsheet
    Sleep Factsheet
  • Snapchat for Parents
    Snapchat for Parents
  • Special Needs and Disabilities Support
    Special Needs and Disabilities Support
  • Support Notice Board
    Support Notice Board
  • Timed Daily Morning Routines
    Timed Daily Morning Routines
  • Youtube Risks - Uploading Video
    Youtube Risks - Uploading Video



Published on Tuesday 5 September 2023 by Miss Bryson.

If you find yourself being affected by bereavement or loss, there is a chance for you to talk and receive help to cope. You will be made welcome at drop-in sessions on the first Tuesday of every month, 1pm-2.45pm, tea and coffee included:

Ferryhill Ladder Centre, 5/7 Coniston Rd, Ferryhill. 01740651639

    Family Hubs Launched

    Published on Monday 4 September 2023 by Miss Bryson.

    The hubs bring together staff from the NHS, Health Visitors, Midwifery and Mental Health support services and the Hubs own family support teams. They also link up with community groups offering services such as support for young Dads.

    Family Hubs are there for anyone in the family, from before baby arrives up until young people reach 19 years old or 25 if they have special educational needs.

    The Hubs offer a wide range of free courses and information and topics, including:

    - expecting a baby

    - baby feeding and weaning

    - helping children learn and develop well

    - family relationships

    - feeding your family, including vouchers to buy healthy food

    - childcare

    - help with money

    There are also lots of fun activities for families, where children can play and adults can meet with other families and have a beverage and chat with the friendly teams.

    For more information and to find where the 15 Hubs are located, visit

    You can also follow the team on Facebook to get all the latest information on classes and drop-in sessions: Hubs

      Mental Health Week 2023

      Published on Tuesday 7 February 2023 by Crook Primary.

      Impact Education have published some short videos for busy parents wanting to know how to support their child's mental health and wellbeing. Click the link below for more information.

      Mental Health Week 2023

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