The Gem Project

Published on Thursday 20 June 2019 by Crook Primary.

Hopefully over the last few days you have heard your children and their teachers talking about Emerald, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire powers. We received some very exciting training last week on 'The Gem Project' by Dr Tom Robson. This project is designed to build on the work that we already do in school on building resilience and challenge. It will give the children a metaphorical language to help them explain how they are feeling as learners as well as to help them understand that no matter what they think their ability is, they can always improve.

These are the powers and this is what they mean:

Emerald Power

When children feel challenged in their learning and at other times in their lives, they make adrenaline and this can make ‘butterflies’ in their tummy.  This is Emerald Power and we are working to help the children to control it rather than it controlling them so that they can face challenges without emotional overreaction.


Diamond Power

This is the ability to solve problems and learn.  We encourage children to identify problems and solve them without being prompted. Each class has their own diamond power problem and they try to earn more diamonds than their teachers by solving it themselves because the more problems children solve for themselves the better they get at learning.


Ruby Power

This is to do with supporting each other and pointing out each other’s success.  Doing this helps children to make oxytocin and this helps us to work well as a team.  Ruby Power is also about developing a sense of well-being by making serotonin when you laugh and smile.


Sapphire Power

This power is about not allowing those ‘Monster Distractions’, such as fidgeting with paper and playing with hair, to get in the way of concentration and learning.


Each week in our phase assemblies on Wednesday, a 'power' will be discussed and a challenge given. Please ask your child more about it and hopefully you will see some of these 'powers' being demonstrated at home!