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  • Christmas Newsletter
    Christmas Newsletter

Firefighters to the rescue…

Published on Thursday 17 June 2021 by Mrs Fox.

In maths this week we developed our understanding of comparing quantities in a variety of different ways. To do this some of us played a fun game which involved us becoming firefighters and racing to rescue as many animals as we could from the fire.

Firefighters to the rescue…Firefighters to the rescue…

We took the animals back to the fire station and had to count how many we had rescued and compare the quantity with the opposing team. When doing this we used our new vocabulary; greatest and fewest to help us describe the quantity. I wonder if you could practice comparing quantities at home too?

Firefighters to the rescue…Firefighters to the rescue…

As well as developing our Maths skills, we have also continued to focus on refining our reading and writing skills too! We have been practising writing initial sounds, reading and writing CVC words and simple sentences. This is all great practice to help us get ready for Year 1 and it would be great if you could practice this at home too.

Firefighters to the rescue…Firefighters to the rescue…

Just a little reminder that school will be closed on Friday 18th June for a staff training day. We will return as normal on Monday 21st June.

    Did somebody call 999?

    Published on Thursday 10 June 2021 by Miss Roberts.

    What an exciting week we have hard to kickstart the final half term in Reception. With just 5 weeks left we have got so many wonderful things planned and watching the children this week has made us much more excited to get going.

    This week we launched our mini Topic, 'People Who Help Us'. After our visit from the fire fighters we decided to start with this profession. What fun we have had!

    The children worked together, using their knowledge, to create their own fire engine. They then re-enacted the role of a fire fighter. They were tremendous! Following this, we learned about the very important rules to make sure we stay safe around fire whilst also doing the right thing for our fire fighters.

    1. Call 999 and ask for the fire service.

    2. Stop, drop and roll.

    3. Get low and look for an exit.

    4. Never touch fire or matches.

    5. Never hide away.

    6. Get out and stay out.

    The children were incredible at remembering these rules and have blown us away through their imaginative play.

    Did somebody call 999?Did somebody call 999?

    Thank you to all those who have been sending in water bottles and sun cream. The weather has been beautiful this week and we hope it continues. Please do feel free to send water bottles, sun cream and sun hats in. It's very important that we stay safe. Please make sure to label everything so that we can find it if anything was to go missing.

      Mad about Mini-Beasts!

      Published on Thursday 27 May 2021 by Mrs Fox.

      This week we read the story "The Bad Tempered Ladybird" We talked about his behaviour and why he was so grumpy. We then talked about what makes us grumpy and how we express our anger and frustration. To help us manage our emotions when we are feeling a little bad tempered we had lots of fun trying a variety of strategies to help us feel calm such as blowing bubbles, squashing play dough, taking deep breaths, counting to 10, singing our favourite songs and dancing! It has been great to see some of the children using these strategies within the unit if they are feeling a little bit angry.

      Mad about Mini-Beasts!Mad about Mini-Beasts!

      To end our mini-beast topic we decided to make a bug hotel to welcome lots of mini-beasts into our outdoor area! We talked about the habitats of different mini-beasts and brainstormed what they might like in their hotel. We then headed out into the great outdoors and searched high and low for materials to make the mini-beasts comfortable. We found grass, mud, bark, sticks, rocks and flowers.

      Mad about Mini-Beasts!Mad about Mini-Beasts!

      We also had a very exciting visit from the local firefighters. They came to talk to us about water safety and how to get help in an emergency. The children were so mature and participated amazingly well during this visit, showing fantastic listening and attention skills. Well done Reception!

      Mad about Mini-Beasts!

      The children have worked exceptionally hard this term and deserve a well earned rest! We hope you all have a lovely Summer half term and we will see you all when we return to school on Monday 7th June.

        A Wonderful World of Mini Beasts

        Published on Friday 14 May 2021 by Miss Roberts.

        This week we started our brand new mini topic, 'Mini Beasts'. This topic is always very much loved and with the introduction of our Mini Beast world outside, the children have shown great curiosity about our smaller friends.

        To kick start this new topic we read the story, 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle. The children loved watching the spider spin her web and we learned lots of new and exciting facts.

        Did you know that a spider's web is made out of silk? Did you know that a spider does not stick to their web? Ask your child why...

        A Wonderful World of Mini BeastsA Wonderful World of Mini Beasts

        We have been finding spiders everywhere. From the spiders that we have been celebrating in school to the spiders that we didn't really want to find outside. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning about our mini beasts and we cannot wait to celebrate a new mini beast next week.

        Here are some of the activities that the children have completed this week...

        A Wonderful World of Mini BeastsA Wonderful World of Mini Beasts

        A Wonderful World of Mini BeastsA Wonderful World of Mini Beasts

        Please remember to get in touch with the Main Office to book your parent telephone call to find out about your child's progress. The dates are Tuesday 8th June and Wednesday 9th June both in the morning and the evening.

          Our Wonderful World

          Published on Thursday 6 May 2021 by Mrs Fox.

          What an incredible week we have had! We have continued to tackle some very serious subjects such as sea pollution and recycling. The children have shown such amazing care and concern for our planet and have been eager to make a change and as Ella said “save our planet” First we learnt all about re-cycling. The children learnt what materials can be recycled, what happens to our rubbish when it is recycled and why recycling is good for the planet. We had lots of fun looking for the recycle logo on some packaging and then sorted it into the correct bins.

          Our Wonderful World

          To show the children the impact that littering and sea pollution have on the planet and our oceans, we explored this through play. We set up a lovely clean, clear ocean for the sea animals. Then a boat came along with some oil and it crashed. The oil leaked into the ocean and covered the animals. We felt the animals and the children used some fantastic vocabulary to describe them telling us “they are sticky, they are slippery” We tried our best to clean the oil of the animals, but it did not work, we could not get the oil of them! Then a family came to the beach to have a picnic, but the people were very naughty and left their rubbish on the beach. This was blown into the ocean and the animals tried to eat it. The children were very passionate about helping the animals, so we used our litter pickers to get all of the rubbish out to give them a cleaner home to live in.

          Our Wonderful World

          We have also made links with this topic in our phonics lessons when we went fishing for CVC words. We also practised our reading skills when litter picking some rubbish. We had to read the CVC word on the rubbish and decide if it was a real word or a silly word and place it in the correct bin. It has been great to see so many of you practising you're reading at home too. However we have been informed by a number of parents that there have been some technical issues with Reading Planet. This has been logged and we are looking into this matter, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

          Our Wonderful World Our Wonderful World