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Mrs Fox Miss Roberts
Mrs Fox Miss Roberts


  • Photo book for new starters
    Photo book for new starters
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    Preparing your child for school

The Sun is Shining

Published on Friday 17 September 2021 by Miss Roberts.

It has been a beautiful week, this week! The sun has been shining and the children have made the most of it. There has been a lot of imaginative play outside and we now have our very own ice cream shop. Luckily, Miss Nicholas has put a price list as some children were charging £15 for a one-scoop ice cream! Miss Nicholas has made it much more affordable and the children have been coming in flocks.

It has been delightful to see all the children taking turns and indeed learning this skill as it can be quite tricky with a lot of children. However, they have shown resilience and kindness and this has been excellent to observe.

The Sun is Shining

Following on from our outdoor play, the children have been showing off their skills from inside. We have had threading taking place and lots of drawing. I think we have a lot of Piccasso's in our midst this year.

The Sun is Shining

From one Picasso to another, it was time to see the artwork of all the children. We have learned lots about their families this week as they have created their very own family portraits. It was a lovely opportunities to look at the similarities and differences between the families whilst also emphasizing how important and special every family is.

The Sun is Shining


A letter has been sent out tonight with reference to next week's 'Muddy Mayhem'. Please give it a read. We would love to see all the children participating as it truly is so much fun!

Please don't forget to book an appointment with the school office for your parents meetings. It will be lovely to catch up with you all about how your child has settled into school life.

Have a lovely weekend!

    Our First Week at School

    Published on Friday 10 September 2021 by Miss Roberts.

    What an amazing first week we have had at Crook Primary School!

    The children have been incredible. The Reception team are so proud of how well the children are coming into school and we cannot believe how amazing they are at engaging with the different activities that we have around the unit.

    Over the past week the children have had the opportunity to explore the areas and make new friends. We have been having lots of fun playing outside in the glorious sunshine as well as taking some time out of the busy day to play inside in the quieter areas.

    Our First Week at SchoolOur First Week at School

    It has been wonderful to see how kind and gentle the children are and to see new friendships blossoming. The children have shown us their excellent sharing skills as well as being great at turn taking.

    I think we are going to have a phenomenal year! Well done on your first full week Reception!

    Our First Week at School


    We have now launched the Marvellous Me app. You should all have a code now as these were sent out on Wednesday evening. Please download the app as we send messages through this as well as keeping you updated with what your child has been up to.

    If you would like to get in touch with us then please call the office. Alternatively you can email us at

    Our first parents meetings will be on the days Tuesday 28th September and Wednesday 29th September. These meetings will take place via telephone and will run in the morning before school, and in the evening after school. Please call the school office to book your slot as they have the sign up sheet. Thank you!