Hoops 4 Health

Published on Thursday 23 January 2020 by Mr Storey.

Last week saw one of our Year Six classes start an new initiative. As a school we have teamed up with Team Durham who have launched it's Hoops 4 Health Festival targeting schools around the Durham area. The scheme started with athletes and sport students delivering a carousel of basketball and healthy lifestyle related activities at Parkside Academy. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event with Mrs Thompson and Miss Oxley delighted with the participation from our pupils.

Hoops 4 HealthHoops 4 Health

Following the festival last week the children will now undertake a 6 week programme where Basketball coaches will come in and work with the children. The intense workshops will hopefully increase the popularity of basketball, whilst also instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

It is a fantastic opportunity to work with some real Sports Stars and I know Year Six are eagerly anticipating the coaching sessions.

Hoops 4 Health