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As we near the end of Year 2...

Published on Wednesday 29 June 2022 by Mrs Dodds.

In Science this term we have been investigating materials and their properties. We have had fun doing an experiment about waterproof and absorbent materials. As part of the experiment we had to make predictions and record our findings. We then got to spend the afternoon looking at materials that are flammable. We decided to link this back to our learning about The Great Fire Of London. We observed how quickly wood burns and compared this with a modern day building material - bricks. The children gained a deeper understanding of why the fire in 1666 spread so quickly. Mr Askew very kindly helped the children with this experiment so a huge thank you to him!

As we near the end of Year 2...As we near the end of Year 2...

Year 2 have become game designers! In computing, we have been exploring and evaluating online games. The children got to play 3 games and they had to evaluate them, stating the aim of the game and what they liked and didn't like about each one. We then had the chance to design our own games using an app called Scratch Jr. Super coding skills were demonstrated by everyone - we definitely have some future game designers in Year 2!

As we near the end of Year 2...As we near the end of Year 2...

In Maths we have moved on to telling the time! The children have amazed us with their ability to read o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times on an analogue clock. Why not test their skills by asking them to tell the time at home too.

As we near the end of Year 2...As we near the end of Year 2...

    Welcome To The Summer Term!

    Published on Tuesday 17 May 2022 by Mrs Dodds.

    What a busy start we have had to the term already! We started off the summer term with some history - The Great Fire of London! The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about how, why and where it started. Why not ask them what they know about it - we know that you'll be equally as impressed as we are!

    Welcome To The Summer Term!Welcome To The Summer Term!

    We have also been doing some wonderful art work, again, based on The Great Fire of London. The Children have been finding out about a famous artist, Vincent van Gogh. They have looked closely at his style and have tried to re-create it in their own artwork. We now know about warm and cool colours. We mixed red and yellow to create shades of orange for the background of our final piece.

    Welcome To The Summer Term!Welcome To The Summer Term!

    Parents evening will be held this term and we are pleased to say that they will be face-to-face appointments. We can't wait to share the wonderful work that the children have produced over the year with you. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact the office. Appointments can be made for either Tuesday 28th or Wednesday 29th June.

      Here comes the sun!

      Published on Wednesday 30 March 2022 by Miss J Burnip.

      Spring has arrived and us Year 2's have been marking the occasion! We began the month by celebrating World Book Day. We did this by focusing on North America which was our focal point in geography this term, and used the book 'How to make a cherry pie and see the USA' to do so. We went on adventure across the USA with the book by predicting, sequencing and ended the day with a 4th July march using state banners created with the knowledge we learned from the book. It was fantastic to see pupils putting so much thought and effort into the characters they dressed up as and there were some lucky winners announced in a phase assembly with Y1!

      Here comes the sun!Here comes the sun!

      Within topic, we have been learning all about plants; including the parts of plants and their functions, famous scientists who studied plants and how plants survive. In order to learn, we conducted an experiment to test which things are most important for a plants survival. To do this, we planted our very own broad beans and we have been nurturing them with plenty of sun and water! We definitely have some green fingers in class as they are beginning to grow exceptionally well!

      Here comes the sun!Here comes the sun!

      To follow on from our learning about plants, we began our DT topic with a design brief of designing and preparing a vegetarian meal. We learned about Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his strive towards self-sufficiency. We decided to make a salad and learned some key preparation skills before we made and enjoyed our salad!

      Here comes the sun!Here comes the sun!

        World Book Day

        Published on Friday 18 March 2022 by Crook Primary.

        On Thursday 3rd March, the whole school took part in World Book Day. As well as coming dressed as a storybook character and taking part in our Extreme Reading competition, the children explored and read a book from around the world. During the day, each year group retold their story through drama and role play to the rest of their phase. Sharing stories encourages a love of reading and it was great fun for everyone. Please enjoy watching and listening to everyone at Crook Primary School 'Reading Around the World'.

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          Spring fun

          Published on Monday 28 February 2022 by Miss J Burnip.

          In November, our school celebrated COP26 with a focus day based around improving the school field as a habitat for bugs. We have recently revisited this by designing and making a bug hotel. The children found their own materials and each contributed towards building the structure of the hotel. We have noticed some bugs have already moved in!

          Spring funSpring fun

          In art, we have been learning about Frida Kahlo and experimenting with mark-making techniques. We developed our drawing skills by exploring ways to add texture and detail using a pencil. Our final piece was a observational drawing of a Native American with a collaged headdress, which ties into our history topic too.

          Spring funSpring fun

          Please send wellies to be worn on the field at playtimes as it does get exceptionally muddy (as you are probably aware).

          Parents evening phone calls will take place this half term, in the week commencing 28th March.

          They will take place;

          Tuesday 29th March 3.30-5.20

          Wednesday 30th March 3.30-5.20

          Thursday 31st March 7.40-8.30

          Appointments will be given on a first come, first served basis. Please call the school office to arange.

          Spring fun

            Happy New Year!

            Published on Wednesday 19 January 2022 by Miss J Burnip.

            Happy New Year everybody! The children have wasted no time in settling back into school and have been working extremely hard after their winter break. A new term brings a new focus within our topic lessons, a focus that some of you may have heard about - Pocahontas! We began with a week of computing where we collected our own data and inputed it into Google Sheets in order to create a bar chart. The past week, we have spent studying the history of Pocahontas, her tribe and the settlers that built Jamestown in Virginia. Ask us about our key vocabulary (tribe, settler, explorer, chronology and colony) and see what we can remember!

            Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

            In maths, we have finished learning about addition and subtraction and we are just moving onto learning about money. We are aware that people do not carry money like they used to but it would be extremely helpful if you could get some coins out at home and have a play around with it! To encourage the children, we are going to set up our own sweet shop Friday 28th January, where the children will need to figure out how many sweets they can buy with an amount that we provide them with. Any sweet donations would be greatly appreciated!

            Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

            To help your child's progress at home, we are continuing to ask that 15 garages are completed weekly on TT Rockstars and that reading is done daily with a comment in their reading record weekly. It would also be helpful to encourage your child to play educational games at home. At school we play some of the following which are massively popular;

            Karate Cats (maths and English)

            Hit the Button (number bonds and multiplication and division)

            Small Town Heroes

            Happy New Year!

            Finally, we are still using the field for our playtimes and lunch breaks which will be increasingly muddy as the cold period ends. It is very disruptive to learning when mud is brought back into the classroom by shoes and wellies are advised to avoid this. If your child has any wellies at home, it would be great if they could keep them at school during the week and take them home on the weekend, just incase they are needed!

            Thank you,

            The Year 2 Team