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Miss Dobinson Mrs Parsons
Miss Dobinson Mrs Parsons

Year 3 Christmas Film 2021

Published on Friday 17 December 2021 by Crook Primary.



    What a start to this half term for Year 3!

    Published on Tuesday 9 November 2021 by Mrs Parsons.

    We were so impressed with the effort made by all of the year 3 children (and their grown ups!) who came in Halloween fancy dress on our first day back. The children did so well to focus on their learning considering we had classrooms full of unusual sights (including Mrs Parsons!).

    What a start to this half term for Year 3!What a start to this half term for Year 3!

    This half-term the children have been learning all about different types of rocks and how they are formed (we hope you are all just as clued up as they are, they've been challenged to be a teacher!) and thoroughly enjoyed conducting a scientific experiment to show the cycle of rock formation using Starburst (eating them was the best bit, we're sure). We also learnt the process of fossil formation and the children made their very own fossils - which have turned out amazing.

    What a start to this half term for Year 3!What a start to this half term for Year 3!

    With both Diwali and Bonfire Night happening last week the children had the opportunity to watch a live stream about the festival of Diwali and have Durham Fire Service in to give a talk on how to keep safe around fireworks and the events around Bonfire Night. They even got to sit inside the fire engine which went down a storm.

    What a start to this half term for Year 3!What a start to this half term for Year 3!


    - Homework (TT Rockstars & Spelling Shed) continues to be set on a Monday to be checked the following week. Spelling tests will be done on a Monday based on the spellings practiced at home on Spelling Shed.

    - Reading should be done every night (or first thing in the morning before school) with a comment and children must remember to bring their folders in everyday.

    - Please ensure children bring their P.E kit every Thursday - this can also include a pair of plain tracksuit bottoms incase they do P.E outside.

    As always, if there is anything at all you need or want to talk to us about please email us on

    Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

      Hurray for Harvest!

      Published on Tuesday 19 October 2021 by Miss Bryson.

      A huge thank you to our parents who sent food into school for the Crook Samaritans Food Bank; very much appreciated!

        Monet inspired Artwork

        Published on Thursday 14 October 2021 by Miss Dobinson.

        It was lovely to be able to speak with many of you for parents evening and discuss what your child has been doing in Year 3 and how well they have settled.

        Monet inspired ArtworkMonet inspired Artwork

        In Art this term, children in Year 3 have been focusing on Claude Monet; researching who he is and his style of artwork.

        Monet inspired ArtworkMonet inspired Artwork

        Year 3 have enjoyed creating Monet inspired artwork using pastels and watercolour to recreate an Arctic landscape.

        Monet inspired ArtworkMonet inspired Artwork

          Year 3s Journey through time!

          Published on Friday 17 September 2021 by Miss Dobinson.

          Children began their journey in Y3 in the Stone Age, becoming curious historians to find out how people lived during this period of time. We then observed artefacts from the Bronze Age, searching for clues which would give us an insight into how society and communities had progressed from the Stone Age. Year 3 ended their History lessons learning about the Iron Age, understanding how Iron is made and the uses for it.

          Year 3s Journey through time!Year 3s Journey through time!

          To show our understanding of the topic, children have created posters which inform others about the periods of time and how communities lived during that time.

          Year 3s Journey through time!Year 3s Journey through time!