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Miss Dobinson Miss Lee
Miss Dobinson Miss Lee

Merry Christmas!

Published on Friday 18 December 2020 by Miss Lee.

Christmas has been a little different in school this year! We were set Commando Joe missions to complete based on the 12 days of Christmas. Our missions were to collect the 5 golden rings and retrieve the golden eggs the 6 geese were laying. We completed both missions and had so much fun doing so.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support this year. Here's to hoping 2021 is better!

Miss Lee & Miss Dobinson

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!

    Crook Factor still goes ahead!

    Published on Wednesday 25 November 2020 by Miss Lee.

    Do you have a special talent you would like to show off?

    This talent show is just for you!

    This year Crook Factor will still go ahead, albeit virtually! If you would like to participate in Crook Factor you need to prepare an audition. Miss Lee, Miss Dobinson and our Year 3 CLT members will be holding auditions on Friday 11th December. This is your opportunity to give the audition of a lifetime and perform your socks off! You will need to impress as there can only be 1 finalist for each class.

    The finalist will then go through to the live shows which will take place virtually in classrooms for the school. Each class will get the opportunity to vote and then the overall winner will be annouced.

    Good luck!!

      Made with blood, sweat and tears!

      Published on Friday 23 October 2020 by Miss Lee.

      Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

      Look at what Year 3 have made in their bubble!

      With witches snot,

      Fired in with a shot,

      Ghosts sweat,

      A smell we'll never forget,

      Pumpkin blood,

      Smashed with wood,

      And clowns tears,

      A mix of all my fears!

      This half term all children in Year 3 received their golden time and made spooky Halloween potions to end the half-term.

      We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your on-going support over the half-term, we know it has been rather strange! Have a lovely week off and see you all in a week!

      Miss Lee & Miss Dobinson

      Made with blood, sweat and tears!Made with blood, sweat and tears!

      Made with blood, sweat and tears!Made with blood, sweat and tears!

      Made with blood, sweat and tears!Made with blood, sweat and tears!

        3L Spelling Bees

        Published on Tuesday 6 October 2020 by Miss Lee.

        Following assessments in 3L, I have noticed that not all children know how to spell the first 100 high frequency words.


        Therefore I am setting children a challenge to be able to spell all of the high frequency words by the end of October. Any child who manages to do so will receive 10 dojos!

        Here are some hints and tips to help learn spellings at home.

        3L Spelling Bees


        Follow the link to a list of the first 100 high frequency words:


          3D's journey so far ....

          Published on Monday 28 September 2020 by Miss Dobinson.

          Following the journey of Pocahontas, Year 3 have had to complete missions just as she would have done herself.



          3D's journey so far ....3D's journey so far ....

          In mission 1, pupils had to navigate over an obstacle course (the forest) to save the children from the Englishmen! As children had made their way through the forest successfully, we continued the week by looking at the life cycle of plants and setting up our own science investigation. We currently have beans and cress growing in the classroom!

          3D's journey so far ....3D's journey so far ....

          A successful mission!


          As the story of Pocahontas continues, another mission must be complete. In this mission, children had to transport the crops that Pocahontas had collected through the forest - facing many obstacles along the way. To make this even more difficult, Year 3 were challenged with a time limit to transport all of the crops.

          We then looked at different types of plants and their native countries. Y3 were able to research this independently using Google Classroom to submit their work.

          3D's journey so far ....3D's journey so far ....

          As you are aware, children have had work to complete on Google Classroom about Native Americans. This has been to help them in their activity for mission 3. On Monday 28th September, Y3 had great fun collecting leaves, and making their own headdresses to wear during the next mission. Like the Powhatan Tribe, headdresses were made using feathers and beads for decoration, symbolizing their strength and bravery.


          Please continue to support your child using Google Classroom.


          Miss. Dobinson

            Trouble in the Tribe

            Published on Monday 28 September 2020 by Miss Lee.

            There has been some trouble in the Powhatan Tribe. We have been working together as a team to try and help them resolve their troubles. Pocahontas is a significant individual for this Native American Tribe and we have been learning about her and what typical life would have been like for a Native American.


            We have been asked to complete different missions to help resolve issues in the tribe. In mission one we had heard that the English were coming! We needed to help Pocahontas cross through the dangerous forest to get the babies to safety. We successfully managed this and then learnt about plants that Pocahontas would have encountered on her journey. We investigated what they would need to grow.


            In mission two Pocahontas needed help transporting the crops she had harvested. Again, we needed to pass through the dangerous forest, making sure we didn't get caught in the poisonous vines. We then researched different uses for plants and considered how the Powhatans might have made medicines.



            Trouble in the TribeTrouble in the Tribe

            Today we started mission 3. We have researched what the Powhatans might have worn to show their authority in the tribe. We discussed how they might have been made using natural materials and how they would have used feathers from the animals they would later eat and dye them using fruits and berries.

            Following this we made our headdresses. We will be using them in upcoming missions!

            Trouble in the TribeTrouble in the Tribe

            Trouble in the TribeTrouble in the Tribe

              Year 3 Parent Information

              Published on Monday 14 September 2020 by Crook Primary.

              Click the link below to open the presentation.

              • Year 3 Presentation
                Year 3 Presentation

              Welcome to Year 3!

              Published on Friday 4 September 2020 by Miss Lee.

              We would like to welcome you all back to school and Year 3. It has been a long time coming and we are relieved it is finally here.

              Welcome to Year 3!

              We have had a lovely first week with your children, getting to know them and introducing ourselves, as well as what we ill be doing over the coming weeks.

              We have noticed they have fantastic manners and exceptional behavior and have settled back in to school extremely well after such a long time away.

              We will be providing more information about what your child will be learning and what they will need in school by Friday 11th September. This will come home as a letter. We will also be sending Marvellous Me messages next week to individual parents about how your child has settled in to school.

              We would like to take this opportunity to give a few reminders:

              1) Please be patient with us whilst we get to know your faces when sending children home. We understand it takes a long time and often you can see your child, but we must follow procedures to ensure they go home with the right person.

              2)No water bottles in school (other than home packed lunch).

              3) If a bag is not needed, please leave them at home.

              4) Please do not allow children to bring personal belongings in to school.

              5) If you need to contact us, use the email at the top of the page or contact the school by phone.

              We wish we could have met you all in person, however we must ensure we keep your children and ourselves safe. Hopefully it is for now and not forever so we can begin to relax restrictions but in the meantime we cannot thank you enough for your support and patience.

              Miss Lee & Miss Dobinson

                Home Learning

                Published on Thursday 9 July 2020 by Miss Adlington.

                Hello families,

                Thank you again for all your support and the fantastic work you've completed at home together. There have been some lovely photographs of work been emailed to us over the last few weeks.

                We finished off our Stone Age topic and moved onto Carbon Footprint and Recycling topic work, as well as researching the National Health Service. In English, we also explored The Ickabog (J.K Rowling) further by looking at more chapters and used our reading VIPER skills, as well as writing about the setting, characters and plot.

                Home LearningHome Learning

                In Maths we moved onto looking at shapes and angles.

                Home Learning

                  See you all soon!

                  Published on Thursday 9 July 2020 by Crook Primary.

                  Just a little update from me before I start my Maternity Leave on Friday and you start your summer break next week. I have written a letter to the children as a little 'farewell for now' with us not seeing each other recently.

                  I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to parents and carers for the amazing support you've given your children over the last few weeks and just say it's been a pleasure to teach your children this year. They have been a wonderful class to teach every day and I have every faith they will get off to a great start in Year 4 in September.

                  Please follow the attached document to read the letter for 3A.

                  Take care, stay safe and have a wonderful summer together,

                  Miss Adlington

                  See you all soon!See you all soon!

                  • Letter to 3A 2020
                    Letter to 3A 2020