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Mrs Blackett Mrs Marsh Mrs Coleran

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Published on Monday 27 January 2020 by Mrs Marsh.

We began our topic by showing year 4 clips of volcanoes and earthquakes from around the world. The children were excited and came up with their own questions about what they would like to learn and find out about within this topic.

Volcanoes and earthquakesVolcanoes and earthquakes

Next, we learned about tectonic plates and the layers of the Earth. We made our own models of the Earth out of playdoh using different colours to represent the different layers.

Volcanoes and earthquakesVolcanoes and earthquakes

We then investigated the structure of a volcano and how volcanoes are formed. We linked this learning to the knowledge of the layers of the Earth and tectonic plates.

Volcanoes and earthquakes

We will continue our topic by looking at artwork by Andy Warhol called 'Vesuvius' and discussing the colours and techniques used. Children will create their own version using charcoal and pastels.

    This week in Year 4

    Published on Thursday 14 November 2019 by Mrs Ferguson.

    This week in Year 4 we have started a new book in literacy called 'What a Waste!' It is a non-fiction text all about recyling and pollution in our environment. Ask us about some of the facts from the book!

    This week in Year 4This week in Year 4

    Also, we have been learning the Spanish alphabet! Ask us how to spell our name in Spainsh!

    Thank you to all of those parents who came for a meeting last week. If you haven't already but would like to make an appointment please get in touch!

      Year 4 reading rally!

      Published on Monday 21 October 2019 by Miss Reeve.

      At school this year we are trying to incorporate reading into our school life as much as possible. To encourage families to read together, we held a Reading Afternoon as a year group with our nearest and dearest.

      Year 4 reading rally!Year 4 reading rally!

      In Year 4, we're improving lots of skills when we read. We call these the VIPERS. We are identifying Vocabulary, Inferring information, Predicting what might happen, Explaining actions, Retrieving information from the text and Summarising information so that it is brief and concise.

      Year 4 reading rally!Year 4 reading rally!

      In the back of our green reading logs, we are sticking a sheet with lots of questions that all link with our VIPERS. Asking questions improves our comprehension of the text, so not only can we read our books fluently, we can fully understand what we are reading.


      Things that you can do to help include:

      V - Ask us what a word means and if we can use it in a sentence.

      I - Ask us how a character is feeling and what tells us this.

      P - Ask us to predict what is going to happen on the next page, and discuss whether there are any clues.

      E - Ask us to explain why something has happened.

      R - Ask us to find a particular piece of information from the text.

      S - Ask us to sum up the story in a limited amount of words.

      Year 4 reading rally!Year 4 reading rally!

      With the help of everyone around us, we can be more confident readers and can even find that reading is an enjoyable hobby. As always, thank you for your support.