Letter Join

Throughout Key Stage 1 and for some children in Key Stage 2 learning to form letters correctly can be a more challenging task, especially when children begin to join their letters in year 2. To support children in improving their handwriting we use an online website Letter Join.  The website allows pupils to practise letter formation online using their finger to mirror the movement required when holding a pencil/pen. 

We would encourage children to spend at least 5 minutes a day practising their handwriting, although the more often they use it the better their handwriting will become. Within the website there are a range of activities children can enjoy to practise their letter formation including under the fun section:

Write it right - children write words to match the picture

Word Search - children find key words they should be able to spell 

Phonics match - children match the sound to the picture

The website is easy to use and can be used independently or enjoyed as a whole family! They can be accessed via a PC or tablet app. 

The website link is as follows:  www.letterjoin.co.uk 

Login details have been sent home with the children.

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    Spelling Words Letter