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End of Year Film - Year 6

Published on Friday 16 July 2021 by Crook Primary.

    Mouldy Bread!

    Published on Thursday 1 July 2021 by Miss Oxley.

    Year 6 have been learning about Carolus Linnaeus and his system of classification in science this month. The children explored how to use a branching key, and were introduced to the kingdoms of living things. They discovered how to classify microbes such as bacteria. The children planned a science investigation to see how bacteria and fungus develops and grows. They left different slices of bread in different conditions to see what would happen over the span of a few weeks. As you can see, the results were pretty gross!

    Mouldy Bread!

      Sculpture Art

      Published on Friday 7 May 2021 by Miss Oxley.

      Year 6 have been practicing their sculpting techniques with clay this week. They have been focusing on learning how to create pinch pots with an attached handle. They experimented with lots of different making techniques and enjoyed practicing skills that will help them towards their final project next week.

      Sculpture ArtSculpture Art

      Sculpture ArtSculpture Art

      Sculpture ArtSculpture Art

        Parent Questionnaire

        Published on Monday 26 April 2021 by Crook Primary.

        Dear Parents,

        We would like to seek your views about the school to help us plan for next year. Please complete the following questionnaire by Friday 7th May.

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