EYFS Home Learning Resources

Published on Thursday 4 June 2020 by .

As promised, here is a list of websites that we use to help with our teaching. They are valuable resources to us as they offer great opportunities for learning. Some websites offer online games as well as information to help with understanding, other websites are simply used to help us with ideas to create a more fun and stimulating learning environment.

Phonics Play


Click on the ‘Free PhonicsPlay’ tab and this will take you through to a new page where you can click any of the options. When it asks for a ‘phase’, the children are currently on Phase 3 so they will be able to play games between both Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Top Marks


This website can be used for both maths and phonics. You will be able to click the age group of the children, Early Years, and then choose the topic you would like. This is a lovely website for online games and the children enjoy playing these.

Letters and Sounds


This website is split into phases so please use both Phase 2 and Phase 3. It is always a good idea to recap all the learning that has taken place as this will help with their memory. There is a column on the left side with multiple options to choose from.



We love this resource. This gives so many ideas for stimulating learning. We tend to use phrases such as ‘Phonics EYFS’, ‘Maths EYFS’, ‘Number EYFS’, ‘Money EYFS’, and this helps to streamline the ideas as there are a lot!



This is a great website. Twinkl have created their very own ‘Home Learning Packs’ to help during this tricky time. Please do use this if you feel you would like some more resources to help with your child’s learning.

We have recently found another resource which we liked to help promote real life learning. A company called ‘Spread the Happiness’ has created ‘100 Things to do Before You’re 6.’ This sheet looks like great fun and it would be lovely to see what you can do together as a family. If you do use this and tick some off, please send pictures or other materials into school for us to discuss.

We understand that this is a difficult time and we are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. The most important thing for now is to stay safe and look after yourselves.

Many Thanks,
Mr Storey and Miss Roberts