Learning from Home - Reception

Can you make a rain catcher?

Published on Wednesday 3 June 2020 by Crook Primary.

Rain is forecast for the next week! Can you use an old bottle to create a rain catcher?

    Student Reports

    Published on Tuesday 2 June 2020 by Crook Primary.

    Dear Parents/Carers

    This year our end of year reports will not be the same as usual due to lockdown. They will simply provide a generalised snapshot of where your child was in March . Reports will be sent to you over the next few weeks as the teachers write them one by one rather than having a day when we send out all the reports. They will be sent through Marvellous Me . We know the parents who do not have a Marvellous Me account. These parents will be contacted once the report is written and we can either send it in the post or leave it for collection.

    We are very aware that you have become your child's teachers during lockdown and that your child will have changed a lot since March!

    It would really help us if you could give us some idea of how your child has developed during this period. Therefore with your report will be a form that you could complete for us to help us for next year. It is not compulsory but it would be wonderful if you could complete and send back to school using the year group email by the middle of July. The form can also be downloaded by clicking the link below.

    Kind regards

    Antonella Lupton

    • Parent Report Form
      Parent Report Form

    Measuring Height and Length

    Published on Tuesday 2 June 2020 by Crook Primary.

      Subtraction Problems!

      Published on Monday 1 June 2020 by Crook Primary.

      Can you subtract numbers independently?

        A Personal Shield

        Published on Friday 22 May 2020 by Crook Primary.