September 2020

Dear Parents

We are very excited that we will be able to see all the children in school once again in September. We want to make everyone feel as safe and secure as possible whilst making the school as "normal" as possible. All the measures below are designed to limit the number of contacts per day. They will be in place for the Autumn term. Obviously, they will all be under constant review and we will let you know of any changes. This includes following COVID-19 instructions to keep us all safe. 

So this is how it will look.

1. Children will go back to wearing uniform again. They should only bring to school what they need. We will not send books home- everything will be done on line. We will also have a virtual classroom on line in case of the need to self isolate or simply if children would like to practise work at home. This will mirror what is happening in school with work uploaded onto Google Classroom. We will provide further details of this in September.

2. Breakfast club will operate but children will sit either with siblings or in their year groups.

3. We do not see any reason to stagger start times as the yard is big enough for both drop off and collection. However, rather than talking to teachers in the yard, parents will be asked to email or telephone and teachers can make telephone appointments. Only one parent should drop children off and you should leave the yard quickly. We need you to stay out of the building to minimise the number of people who come into school. Many of you volunteer in school but next term we do not feel that we should have any volunteers. Hopefully we will be able to review this in January. 

4. Children will be taught in their classes as per normal. Children will be given their own equipment as far as possible and desks will be forward facing so that children are sitting next to each other but not opposite each other in close proximity. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 teaching will operate as normal.

5. There will not be assemblies or any large whole school events. Sadly this means that we will not be able to do Christmas performances as it would be too many people coming into the building.

6. Parents meetings will be offered as telephone appointments.

7. Lunch in the hall will be staggered so we do not have queues or different year groups sitting on tables. 

8. There will be enhanced cleaning regimes  .

9. Children will be encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day. We are going to have more sinks installed in school as well as hand sanitiser throughout the school.

10. We will not be offering any after school clubs for the Autumn term to stop additional mixing of groups.

We have always welcomed parents and visitors in the building but in order to keep everyone safe, it is not possible to do this yet. The most important thing is for children to get back to seeing their friends and their teachers and having lessons once again. On behalf of all the staff, I would like to thank you for all your messages of support and thanks over the last few months. 

Kind regards

Antonella Lupton