Year 1 Home Learning

Published on Monday 13 July 2020 by Miss Lywood.

Jack really enjoyed learning more about the United Kingdom last week and made a fantastic model of the UK with 3D landmarks. Have a look and see what landmarks you can spot? In which country can you find them? Jack also wrote a fact file all about Big Ben, the clock tower in London. Superb effort this week Jack, well done!

Year 1 Home Learning Year 1 Home Learning

Joe also had another great week and labelled a map of the UK correctly. He even used capital letters for the countries' names! He enjoyed reading and learning new facts about the United Kingdom and the Queen and was ever so shocked to find out that the Queen has 78 bathrooms! Wow!

Year 1 Home Learning Year 1 Home Learning

Lastly, Lilly has had something very special posted through her door recently.......a letter from the Queen! A few weeks ago, Lilly wrote to the Queen to wish her a Happy Birthday and to ask if she was staying safe throughout lockdown. Never did she believe that the Queen would actually reply! Just look at the smile on her face! We are all so happy for you Lilly, enjoy it and keep it safe! What a fantastic lockdown memory to have.

Year 1 Home Learning Year 1 Home Learning

Amongst the excitement of receiving a letter from the Queen, Lilly also managed to make a 3D model of a local landmark. Can you guess what it is? Have you ever been to see it?

Great job Lilly! It's fantastic and so realistic!