Nursery Re-opening Information

Published on Tuesday 1 September 2020 by Crook Primary.

Dear Parents,

We hope that you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are all looking forward to continue/start your child’s educational journey with us at Crook Primary School Nursery for this academic year. This year unfortunately will be a year like no other but we have tried our best to ensure our Nursery is still an inviting, nurturing, exciting and educational place like it always has been, however we do have to make some changes to ensure we are adhering to Government and Local Authority Guidance.

Here are some of the changes we are having to make:

 We are going to initially run staggered start times depending on your child’s key worker group to help with transition for those children who have never been to our nursery before and to ensure initially only 1 group is using the one way system at one time until we see how this works. This is only for the short term and we are hoping after a couple of weeks we will be able to all start at the same time like we normally would once we are used to the system and can see social distancing is being adhered to.

Miss Manifold’s morning group can come between 8.40am and 8.55am and will be collected between 11.25am and 11.35am

Miss Gill’s morning group can come between 8.55am and 9.10am and will be collected between 11.40am – 11.50am 

Mrs Blackett’s group can come between 8.55 am and 9.10am and can be collected between 2.55pm – 3.05pm

Unfortunately we can’t all use the same entrance either due to the number of children coming in therefore Miss Manifold’s group and Miss Gill’s group will use the side entrance gates into the nursery garden where it will be signposted for where you need to go with your children and your child’s key worker will be there to collect your child from the door.  

Regrettably parents will not be allowed to enter the nursery building unless you need to visit the nursery office and then we ask only 1 person at a time in the entrance.

We also ask if only 1 parent can drop off the children at any time to reduce the number of contact people are having with each other.

Afternoon children to just come for the initial times of 12.30pm and to be collected at 3.30pm and you will be entering via the side gate the same as the morning children.

Wednesday 2nd September 

This is when our term will begin but only the returning children will come on this day.  Miss Manifold’s and Miss Gill’s group will be entering via the side gate into the nursery garden and will be going in one side of the gate and leaving through the other. This will be marked out on Wednesday for you all but we are asking you to be responsible for keeping your 2m distance from other parents.

Thursday 3rd September

Returners will continue the staggered start times and the new children will visit for an initial transition of an hour this day. Miss Manifold’s group will come between 9.50am and 10.00am and will be collected between 10.50am and 11.00am and Miss Gill’s group will come between 10.05am and 10.15am and will be collected between 11.05 and 11.15am. The children who are doing 30 hours will come at 10.00am and enter via the main entrance where Mrs Blackett will be there to greet you and   

Friday 4th September

Everyone will come for the staggered start times and enter the same way as above.


Please don’t worry about your children while they are with us in nursery you can ring anytime to check up and see how they are and if there are any problems we will give you a ring. If your children appear upset on their first day or first week or two this will be normal if they haven’t been with us before but please encourage them to come in and be positive when around them. Staff are happy to take your children and we will make them feel safe and secure while with us in nursery.   

This is all new to us as a staff too so please bear with us and I am sure all will run as smoothly as it can.

If you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01388 762400 option 1 for the nursery or email the nursery email account on the website and I will get back to you and help with anything I can.

We look forward to working with you all this year and although it is not the perfect start to nursery life for your children I assure you we will do everything we can to make this an enjoyable and exciting year.

Thank you for your support and co-operation

Miss Dickinson

Deputy Head of Early Years