Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not having staggered starts?

Many of our parents have more than one child in school and thus we believe that a staggered start will lead to more parents for longer in the yard at pick up and drop off times. There will be clearly marked ways and systems in the yard for parents to follow and a priority lane use from the yard into South End Villas. Only one parent should drop off children and should leave as soon as this is done. Parents should take responsibility for their own social distancing and keep back from the entrances and the lines.

How will you stop overcrowding in the corridors?

Each class will have a certain direction around school on entering and leaving the building. Children will go to their classrooms first with their coats on and then be supervised by teachers to hang them up individually.

Can I meet my child’s class teacher?

Sadly no as we need to limit our interactions to keep the children and teachers safe. Please do not try have a quick chat with teachers on the yard. Please telephone the school office and we will get back to you. 

Can children bring water bottles to school?

No. We will provide water in cups otherwise we have to wash water bottles.

It is my child’s birthday. Can I bring a birthday cake into school?

Birthday cakes cannot be brought into school. We would encourage children to wear their home clothes on their birthday so we can say Happy Birthday.

When will you be starting after school clubs?

We do not have the answer to this question as we have to keep the mixing of children to a minimum as well allowing extra time for cleaning.

How are you ensuring the school is clean?

Our wonderful cleaners are doing extra hours so that the toilets and shared areas are cleaned during the day.

Will my child have to share resources?

Each child will be given their own resources except for in nursery, reception and to a certain extent in year 1 as the curriculum requires sharing of resources. In all other year groups, resource sharing will be kept to a minimum.

What about P.E.?

P.E will be taught as much as possible outside and will be non-contact. Any resources used will be washed and not used between groups.

Should my child have a P.E kit?

Not to start with. We will let you know when P.E kits are required.

What about masks?

The present Government guidance says that we shouldn’t wear masks in primary school. If you need to enter the main school entrance to speak to the office staff, it would be helpful if you wore one there as it is a small space. There should be only one person in there at a time.

My child has forgotten his packed lunch/ P.E equipment etc etc. Can I drop it in?

Unfortunately not as we need to limit the interactions of office staff with classrooms and every lunchbox has to be washed when it comes into school.

What is happening at playtimes?

We are having staggered playtimes and equipment used will either be washed down, or taped off. We will also be using the field and children will be allocated to areas.

What happens if my child has symptoms?

You must follow government guidelines and tell the school.

My child has missed so much school and has forgotten everything! What are you going to do to help?

During the Autumn term we will be following a recovery curriculum in every year group to help children speed up. This will be on our website as well as a parallel virtual curriculum.

What about parents evenings and events for parents?

We will not be able to do these so will offer telephone appointments - further details to follow. 

How will I know what my child is learning?

Details will be put on the year group pages on the website and in the curriculum section.

How can I get in touch with my class teacher?

You can telephone or email the school or alternatively email the year group email. We will respond during office hours.

Why are you not sending reading books home?

We have bought an on- line reading scheme so that books do not have to go back and forth to school.

How often are you washing hands?

Children will wash hands when they arrive in school, after every break time and P.E lesson and before lunch and any time they leave the classroom. We have hand sanitizers in every classroom and we have also installed more sinks over the summer. Children should wash their hands as soon as they come home from school.

How do I access support?

Mrs Burton our PSA will be working remotely and can offer telephone advice.

What about bagels?

Bagels will start on Thursday and will be delivered to classrooms.

How will you ensure children feel settled?

We can’t wait to have the children back. We will spend as much time as we need putting in routines and spending time making sure that children feel secure and happy. 

What if my child has a toileting accident, will someone help them?

Staff will encourage children to change themselves as we always do to improve their independence but will be there to support if need be.

What if my child is upset on entering school and won’t leave me?

Staff will encourage your child to come into school with support. Please be positive and encourage your child and leave your own worries at home. If they continue to be upset the best thing you can do is just leave and let us deal with it as when they get in with their friends all will be fine. 

Will there be any assemblies or singing events?

No there will not be for the foreseeable future. We will still give out weekly awards by visiting classrooms.

What about Christmas activities?

It is too early to say about Christmas but at present we cannot see that it will be possible to have Christmas performances

Will children be allowed to play?

Absolutely! It is very important for children’s well-being that they see and play with their friends again.We will encourage them to not to cuddle each other! 

What happens if someone develops symptoms within school?

We have guidelines that we have to follow and will be supported by the Local Authority and Public Health England.

How will we know what is going on in school?

We will keep you updated through Facebook and the website as well as text messages.

What is the email address

We have a new email address Please use this email or the year group email address. 

Can children bring a bag to school?

Yes they can but they should not bring toys etc and keep possessions to a minimum

Should they wear uniform?

Yes they should.

Can my child bring a football to school?

No they can’t. We will have footballs available for playtime.

Can my child ride their bike or scooter to school?

Not at present unless the parent takes them home.

What if my child has a cough/cold should I keep them off?

This has to be your decision as you know your children best. If you feel it is just a cold or a cough they always develop due to cold weather/asthma they are fine to come in. However if they display the current symptoms of Covid19 - high temperature, loss of taste or smell and a continuous cough please keep them off. 

If you have any other questions please email