Remote Learning

Remote learning is where children cannot physically attend school. When a child cannot physically access school to learn, their learning will take place online. 

As a result of lockdown, the following plans will be put in place. The intended outcome is that the school curriculum is at the forefront of the work and, as far as possible, child progress will not be negatively impacted from not being able to attend school.

As far as is practical, children will be expected to complete their work, following the normal school day, for any period of time that they are at home during term time.

Work will be set by each child’s class teacher using a learning platform. Teachers will use Google Classroom to allow classes, from Reception to Year 6, to continue their lessons. Work for children in Nursery will continue to be set via MarvellousME with practical suggestions for daily activities.

Google classroom allows video and document sharing all in one place which keeps all files together for your child. It allows children to send work back for feedback from the teacher. This will be supported by our usual virtual learning resources of MyOn/Reading Planet, Spelling Shed, Fiction Express, TTRockstars and Language Angels (KS2 only). These are websites that the children use regularly in school and should be familiar with. 

Links to all the software apps we use, along with help guides, can be found on the child section of the website or under general resources on their google classroom..

Teachers will deliver live streamed lessons everyday as well as create a daily set of home learning tasks closely mirroring what children would be completing if they were in school.  These may be in the form of a worksheet, instructions on work to complete or links to where work can be accessed. You will not be required to print out any worksheets if you are unable to do so.  Worksheets will simply be used as a guide for presenting tasks, recording answers on paper will be suffice. If you require paper for your child to work on you can ask for a blank exercise book at the school office.

Some activities will be completed online and teachers will be able to see it. Sometimes a task might ask the child to carry out an experiment; growing seeds, organising tins and packets according to weight, or drawing or making a model. These would need to be photographed and uploaded to google classroom.

Teachers will be able to monitor a child's engagement in activities and their level of understanding and may send feedback to the child.

A suggested timetable for the week will be provided to ensure that they are given routines in order to learn at home. Children thrive off routine and structure so this may help when learning at home. We understand that this cannot be followed at all times.

An outline of the Remote Learning Plan can be found below.

If you would like support in accessing anything online or would like clarification of any passwords please contact the class teacher via the year group email and we will be happy to help.  

Please remember to take care when working online.  Click here for guides from National Online Safety.

Click here for the Remote Learning Policy Information for Parents 

Expectations of Children Working From Home 

  • Children to be logged onto google classroom for 9am each morning for live teaching (except nursery).
  • Each child should complete set pieces of work each day. Their responses should be sent to the teacher via Google classroom, who will provide feedback to their work as and when needed.
  • All work should be saved on the child’s Google Drive account.
  • Children will be expected to complete a Maths, English and project task each day as well as read. In Reception children will be asked to complete either a phonics or maths task, a topic task and listen to a story each day.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer at home to choose whether the child is visible on screen during live teach lessons with the class teacher. If parents/carers do not wish their child to be seen by other children in the class then please turn off the camera.

Expectations on Teachers

  • All teachers will upload work for children to complete at home onto Google classroom. (Nursery will be via MarvellousMe)
  • All teachers will live teach from 9 until 12 noon each school day
  • Teachers will respond to childrens’ work where appropriate
  • Teachers will try to match the work to your child’s abilities wherever possible
  • Teachers will be available to respond to children's questions at set points of the day (as timetabled on the individual google classrooms)
  • Teachers will be available from 8.30 until 4pm to respond to messages and emails. 

Suggested daily timetable


Suggested activity



Academic work

Log on to Google classroom to watch a video of their teacher explaining the maths & english learning for the day. 


Break - snack



Academic work

Log on to Google classroom to find the set activities for the day



Read a book, read on MyOn - completing a reading quiz, listen to a story being read





Creative/Project/Physical time/Reading

Complete the tasks on Google classroom

4.00 onwards

Outdoor/Fresh air

Play in the garden, go for a minibeast hunt, tally chart items that you find (flowers,birds, cars, vans etc) Make mud pies, plant some seeds, flowers or vegetables. Grow cress and monitor it each day