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Our Home Reading Programme

We have decided to go 'online' with reading. Although reading online will never replace the feeling of holding and reading a good book, we are hoping this online library will widen the range of books available for children to read, and in the current climate replace the physical libraries which we are unable to attend.

MyON, is an online reading library that is linked to our whole school reading programme Accelerated Reader. Your child will still have a reading book assigned to them in school which will stay within school and myON is for you to use with your child at home or for your child to use at home independently. The programme has a digital library that contains over 1000 authentic and exciting books and it comes with a range of tools, including audio narration - to help your child enjoy and improve their reading. It enables children to be exposed to a wide variety of texts, which develops children's confidence and fluency and helps build a rich vocabulary.

Home Reading Expectations

We expect children to read at home between 5-10 minutes every evening in KS1 building up to between 10-20 minutes by the end of KS2. This will then be monitored by your child's class teacher. Every child should know their own login details, if you are unable to login please contact the office who will be happy to assist you with login details. Attached is a sheet explaining how myON works, however if you need any further assistance please email

Click here to download the parent guide to MyON.
Click here to download the parent guide to MyON.