Pupil of the Month

Published on Wednesday 20 October 2021 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for October 2021.

RF - Evie Cleary
My pupil of the month goes to Evie Cleary! It has been wonderful to see Evie's confidence blossom since she has started in Reception and she is such a kind and caring little girl. Her attitude to learning is fantastic and she is always keen and eager to earn her pom poms after completing daily challenges. Her imagination has also really come to life through her play and she has embraced the magical elements of Halloween when using her magic wand to cast spells on her friends! Well done Evie!

RR - Jamie Gibbon
The pupil of the month in RR goes to Jamie Gibbon. Jamie has really come out of his shell over the past month and it has been wonderful to see his caring and kind nature. He has engaged well with all of our lessons and is always up for a challenge. Jamie's confidence has improved hugely and it has been delightful to watch him make new friends and engaging in imaginative play. He is a true gentleman and it is a pleasure to teach him. Well done, Jamie!

1M - Sophie Pearson
1M’s Pupil of the Month award goes to Sophie Pearson. Sophie has really impressed me since entering Year 1. She has been able to adapt to new rules and routines perfectly and has really shone bright over the past 2 months. Sophie’s behaviour is always impeccable and she is such a good role model to others. She is always willing to complete jobs independently and therefore shows such fantastic diamond power! Well done Sophie! Keep up the tremendous work.

1N - Amelia Westwood
Amelia has really impressed Miss Robinson, Mrs Holden and Miss Hutchinson over the last two weeks whilst Mrs Nicholson has been poorly. Amelia shows good learner behaviours when she is sat on the carpet and walking around school. She is a good role model to the rest of the children in her class and is keen to please. She shows good listening skills, concentration and is always willing to answer questions even when she isn't sure she is right.

2AD - Daniel Clark
Daniel has made an excellent start to Year 2. In the classroom, Daniel has shown immense emerald power, always giving questions a go and trying his very best. Daniel has been eager to learn and try his best and has been a pleasure to have in class. Well done Daniel! Keep it up!

2B - Jude Johnson
2B's Pupil of the month goes to Jude who has an amazing outlook on life and his school work. Jude is a GEM star and is consistently rewarded for his ruby power, sapphire power and diamond power. Jude is very focussed when on the carpet which shows in his independent work where he is never afraid of a challenge. Jude is working very hard on his 'sh' sound and is so confident when he practices. Jude is a kind, young man who is a pleasure to have in the classroom and is extremely kind to others in the room. Keep it up Jude!

3D - Andrea Watret
Andrea is 3D's Pupil of the Month because she has grown in confidence since September and her personality is beginning to shine through. She knows the difference between right and wrong and is always trying to help those around her make the correct decision. Andrea is always willing to participate in discussions even if she isn't sure of the answer - she has learnt that mistakes help us learn. Well done Andrea!

3P - Tom Dobson
Tom shows an amazing attitude towards his learning and always tries his best. He isn't afraid to give things a go and always contributes to class discussions with enthusiasm. Tom is always ready to learn, listens to instructions and will take on board feedback to improve his work. During our art topic, Tom produced an amazing final piece that he took his time and care over (he even asked if he could come in during his lunch break to finish it!), resulting in a piece of work that absolutely stands out as a shining example of a Monet inspired arctic landscape. I have been very impressed with Tom's effort and desire to learn and improve across all subjects. Well done Tom, I hope you feel proud of all of your hard work.

4G - Alannah Wessels
My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Alannah. Alannah is an excellent role model in 4G. She demonstrates lots of sapphire power as she always shares her ideas and contributes to class discussions. Alannah is also extremely polite and caring towards other in the classroom. She has great resilience and is always curious to go home and find out more about her learning. She loves to share this with the class. Well done Alannah!

4L - Joey Crossley
Joey is really putting himself out there to further his learning and ask questions which shows great curiosity and emerald power. He takes responsibility for his learning and sets an excellent example to others in the class. I can always rely on him to put 100% effort into his work and it has been lovely to see him take pride and be proud of what he has produced. Keep up the hard work Joey!

5A - Seth Longstaff
Seth has had a great month in October. He is now shining with emerald power as he is attempting to answer questions and share his thoughts in class. Seth has also knuckled down and earned his green book in English for his handwriting with great improvement in his presentation. The highlight has been Seth's diary entry based on Cosmic as he used all of the skills, and more, to create an excellent piece of writing. Well done Seth!

5MB - Lacey-Mae Lally
Lacey-Mae has demonstrated exceptional determination and enthusiasm for learning. Lacey-Mae always gives 100% effort in everything she does and is always polite and respectful. Her handwriting and presentation is beautiful in every single piece of work and task completed. Lacey-Mae thoroughly deserves to be 5MB's pupil of the month - well done!

6O - Emily Bowden
Since returning to school, Emily has shone like a star in 6O. She has proven herself to be kind, caring and a good friend to others, always offering her friends and classmates support if they need it. She also goes above and beyond in her learning, including partaking in independent research at home. Emily - it is a pleasure to teach you! Well done.

6T - Ella Turner
6T's pupil of the month is Ella Turner. She always demonstrates a fantastic attitude towards her learning. In every lesson, she gives 100% and is an excellent role model to the rest of her peers. She is an enthusiastic learner, who participates in classroom discussions and shows great resilience with every challenge she faces. Keep up the amazing work Ella!