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The Queen's Jubi-Reading Challenge

Published on Thursday 19 May 2022 by Miss Oxley.

The Queen's Jubi-Reading Challenge

For the next week, all classes will be taking part in the Queen's Jubi-Reading Challenge. Each class teacher will keep a tally of any of the books that any of the children read that have a link to royalty, such as books that feature kings, queens, princesses or castles. The books can be either fiction or non-fiction, and can include digital eBooks too, such as those on MyOn and FictionExpress. Any royalty-related books that are read at home count too - don't forget to tell your teacher so they can add it to the tally!

The class in each phase/Key Stage with the highest number of books read will win a class book token so that the children can choose and buy a new book to read for pleasure.

Happy Reading!

The Queen's Jubi-Reading Challenge

    World Book Day

    Published on Friday 18 March 2022 by Crook Primary.

    On Thursday 3rd March, the whole school took part in World Book Day. As well as coming dressed as a storybook character and taking part in our Extreme Reading competition, the children explored and read a book from around the world. During the day, each year group retold their story through drama and role play to the rest of their phase. Sharing stories encourages a love of reading and it was great fun for everyone. Please enjoy watching and listening to everyone at Crook Primary School 'Reading Around the World'.

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    Year 2
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      Amazing Amazon!

      Published on Thursday 17 February 2022 by Mrs Parsons.

      The children have been thoroughly engrossed in our year group fiction text, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, which follows the journey of 4 children who find themselves stranded alone in the Amazon Rainforest after their plane crashes on route to Manaus.



      Here's some of the children's thoughts about the book far...

      "I liked how Fred came up with a plan to build a boat so they could get home." Skyla

      "I liked it when they built a raft because they had to find resources to build it. They needed a raft so they could get outside of the rainforest." Harry

      "I liked how the children got lost in the Amazon rainforest and had to try and escape, but had no way out." Freddie

      "I liked how they have to try and find food because they are really hungry and thirsty. They followed the animals to get high above the canopy to see where they are." Imogen



      You may have also been told how to hunt tarantulas and cook them on a stick over an open fire! (Sorry about that! ha-ha!)

      Amazing Amazon!

      In Spring 2

      We will be looking at a non-fiction text, The Rainforest in 30 Seconds by Jen Green and Stephanie Murphy, that will no doubt prove to become a firm favourite for the children as they utilise as many facts as they can to produce an information guide to the rainforest.

      Amazing Amazon!

      If your child has become captivated by either of our class books please see below a selection of both fiction and non-fiction books that they may enjoy reading with you at home.

      Amazing Amazon!Amazing Amazon!