Ribbit Ribbit

Published on Friday 17 May 2024 by Mrs Armstrong.

This week has been all about mini beasts!

We have used them in Maths and we have also been learning about them in Topic.

In maths this week we have been using ladybirds to help us with the concept of 'doubling'. The children learnt that when we double a number we have to add the same number again. They have been exploring this using practical resources as well as pictures. We have even explored writing our very own number sentences!

Ribbit Ribbit

In Phonics, we have now completed all the phonemes for Phase 2 and Phase 3. We have, therefore, been focusing on recognition of phonemes and tricky words to help with writing and reading. We are nearing the end of Reception (big gulp) which means we are putting a big push on independence especially when it comes to writing. Can you encourage your child to do some writing at home?

Topic has been all about frogs this week. We have been learning about the life cycle of a frog as well as lots of facts, did you know they drink through their skin? We have been so lucky as well to actually find some real frogs on the school grounds. The children explored near the three little bears house and we found lots of frogs. They also went to our Nursery to visit the frogs and tadpoles in the pond! From learning about the life cycle of a frog, the children were then challenged to write about it. We did get to do this on the children's very own frog!

What an exciting week we have had!

Ribbit RibbitRibbit Ribbit

Next week is another busy week for the children. Please see dates below:

Tuesday 21st May - Children to come to school in their PE kit as we will be going to Hunwick Primary School for a multi-skills festival. This event will be cancelled if it is raining however, please ensure children are in their PE kits ready. PE kit consists of navy or black shorts/joggers and a white t-shirt. Trainers will also be needed.

Thursday 23rd May - Reception class photo. Children must be in school on time this day otherwise they may miss the class photo. Following our class photo, the children will get changed into their PE kit ready for their first House event! We will be participating in house football.

Friday 24th May - The bug ball. Children are invited to come to school dressed in their bug costume. This is also the final day of this half term. School will reopen on Monday 3rd June.

    Whatever Next

    Published on Friday 26 April 2024 by Mrs Wessels.

    It is quite hard to believe that we are now in the last term in reception and that we need to start gently preparing the children for the transition into year one. We have begun doing some group work in 'carousels' for math's and phonics where the children are in groups and challenged to complete activities without adult support whilst the groups take it in turns to work with an adult. We will soon be sending out information for you about the different ways we will be getting the children ready for their transition to year one.

    Whatever Next Whatever Next

    This week we are exploring the story 'Whatever Next' written by Jill Murphy and having a great time in role play with some big boxes pretending they are rockets!

    Whatever Next Whatever Next

    In math's we have been focusing on comparing numbers to each other, recognising numbers that are bigger and smaller than a given number and being able to reason as well as identify where there are missing numbers. We have moved onto comparing odd and even numbers and talking about how even numbers can be shared fairly between two people, where odd numbers cannot.

    Whatever Next

    In phonics the children have learned 'oi' 'ear' and 'air' and have been reading and writing words that contain their new sounds. The expectation at the end of reception is for the children to recognise the individual phonemes as well as 10 diagraphs. Please keep practicing at home and make sure you are logging on with your child to read the online books, it makes such a difference!

      To Infinty and Beyond

      Published on Friday 19 April 2024 by Mrs Armstrong.

      We have started a brand new topic this week, 'Between the Stars and the Sea'. Our first stop is space! We will be learning all about space and what it is. This will include learning the names of the planets, learning about day time and night time as well as learning about Earth.

      The children have shown so much curiosity this week and we have been astounded with their use of our new vocabulary. Our vocabulary this week has been: space, solar system, planet, globe, questions, notes, land, sea, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, kind, living, quickly, slowly, patient and tour.

      So far, we have learnt that we live on Earth and Earth is made up of land and sea but sometimes the land looks different, it could be grassy, rocky, snowy or sandy. We also learnt why we have day and night and that it happens because we rotate around the sun.

      The children have been incredible at remembering all of this and we have really enjoyed seeing them use their crafty side to explore our learning.

      To Infinty and BeyondTo Infinty and Beyond

        Have a Hoppy Easter!

        Published on Thursday 28 March 2024 by Mrs Armstrong.

        We have had a wonderful week this week learning all about Easter!

        We learnt about the traditions of Easter in this country, as well as other countries around the world! This helped us to understand what Easter is and why we celebrate it.

        We have concluded our celebrations of Easter today by exploring the egg-citing and cracking eggs that have been created at home. We were also treated because the Easter Bunny came into school and left behind some Easter eggs. They have been devoured already!

        Have a Hoppy Easter!

        Have a Hoppy Easter!Have a Hoppy Easter!

        We hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

        We will see you again for the start of the Summer term which will begin on Monday 15th April.

          Stay and Play

          Published on Friday 22 March 2024 by Mrs Armstrong.

          Thank you for coming along to our Stay and Play. It was so lovely to see the children taking great pride in their environment. They are so settled and happy and I feel as though that showed in the way that the children guided you around their space.

          We have had so much fun over the course of this term. We have one more week left and we have lots of lovely Easter activities ready too.

          We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

          Stay and PlayStay and Play

          Stay and PlayStay and Play

          Stay and PlayStay and Play

            Billy Goats and Balloons

            Published on Friday 15 March 2024 by Mrs Wessels.

            A massive thank you to Miss Lywood and Miss Burnip for organising the red nose day balloon pit for the whole school. Every class had a turn at enjoying some fun in the red balloon pit! It has been a lovely day for our children learning about the charity 'Comic Relief' and having a lot of fun at the same time.

            Billy Goats and BalloonsBilly Goats and Balloons

            Our traditional tales topic has taken us into the world of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' where the children have created their own trolls and described them, become their own author and illustrator making their very own zig-zag book and, with thanks to Mrs Armstrong, had the opportunity to meet a real billy goat.

            Mrs Breward brought in her goat for the children to spend some time with. The children had a chance to give them a stroke and ask all their fabulous questions.

            Billy Goats and Balloons

            We are pushing forward in phonics with the introduction of two new diagraphs. The children have learned 'ai' tail in the rain, 'ee' sheep in a jeep and their first trigraph 'igh' a light in the night.

            In maths they have been learning about magic number 9 and everything about this number from where it is on a number line to partitioning and finding different ways to make 9.

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