Year 3

Summer Fun!

Published on Tuesday 2 July 2024 by Mrs Fox.

In English, we have enjoyed acting out our new class text of Twelfth Night, immersing ourselves into the characters of Sebastian and Viola. We enjoyed a game of hot seating and a walkthrough of a word carpet of the shipwreck scene.

Summer Fun!Summer Fun!

In DT, we have explored Egyptian cuisine in making our own Egyptian salad and dip. We practised our skills of peeling, chopping and grating before putting these skills to the test and making food fit for a pharaoh!

Summer Fun!Summer Fun!

Key Dates coming up:

Transition Day for children in their new classes- Monday 15th July

Sports Day- Thursday 18th July at 10am - please send your child in sports kit.

Tuesday 23rd July- Y3 prizegiving is at 10:30am on the last day of term!

    Light Experts!

    Published on Monday 10 June 2024 by Mrs Fox.

    In Science we have been investigating light and shadow. We have carried out a number of experiments to help us discover which materials reflect light and why, which materials are translucent, transparent and opaque and how shadows are made. To do this we created our own shadow puppets and changed the distance from the light source to determine if we could change the pattern of the shadows!

    Light Experts! Light Experts!

    Today we completed our House teams time challenge.... The children blew me away with their time telling skills and I can tell the children have been practicing at home.

    As well as learning to tell the time, we have also been learning about money. The children were able to confidently recognize the value of money and did some great problem solving to add and subtract money.

    Light Experts! Light Experts!

    In English we have been discussing the features of a fairytale and compared the characters, events and setting in both the Egyptian Cinderella and the Traditional Cinderella. We will be using all of our knowledge of fairytales to begin to write an alternative ending next week!

    Light Experts! Light Experts!

    Key Dates:

    * Special Person's Event - Friday 14th June at 1:30pm (The children will have the chance to make a craft for a special person in their life)

    * School closed for training day on Friday 21st June.

      It's a History Mystery…

      Published on Wednesday 15 May 2024 by Mrs Fox.

      In Year 3 we have become Egyptologists! We received a mysterious envelope and inside was a replica image that was found in an Ancient Egyptian tomb. The children had to look for clues in the image that might tell us something about the ways of life in the Egyptian civilization. We also used the Chromebooks to complete research in order to create our own posters on different ancient civilization's, which we then presented to the class. Using all of our knowledge on these civilization's we placed them on a timeline and compared the time periods. We were fascinated to see that the Bronze age and the Ancient Egyptian civilizations' started at the same time!

      It’s a History Mystery…It’s a History Mystery…

      There's no time like the present…

      In Maths we have begun to understand the concept of how time passes and have been exploring the minutes in an hour, days in a week, months in a year etc. We learnt a great hack using our knuckles to recall how many days there are each month. I wonder if your child can teach you this trick? We then practised learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. Don't forget we are holding a Summer Term Time Challenge and children can earn a total of 200 house team points if they can correctly tell the time on 10 clocks!

      It’s a History Mystery…It’s a History Mystery…

      Our new text in Year 3 is the Egyptian Cinderella. We have been practising our inference skills and have been looking for clues in the text to determine how the characters are feeling. We have also been learning about the present perfect tense and simple past tense and have been putting these skills into practice when drafting a diary entry from Rhodopis' point of view.

      It’s a History Mystery…It’s a History Mystery…

      Just a reminder that school closes on Friday 24th May for Summer half term and will reopen on Monday 3rd June.

        Awful Egyptians!

        Published on Friday 26 April 2024 by Mrs Fox.

        We have travelled back in time and have begun to delve into the Ancient Egyptians. In English we have been reading the horrible histories book: Awful Egyptians. After reading this we learnt all about the process of mummification, which was a good job as we received a very urgent letter from the Hancock museum. They needed our help to create a replica mummy as theirs had been stolen! The children assisted me in a live mummification and we used our knowledge of sub-headings, adverbs, and paragraphs, to pan an explanation of a mummification.

        Awful Egyptians!Awful Egyptians!

        In Art we have learnt about the artist Wim Delvoye who is famous for reinventing mundane objects and upcycling them to make them more valuable. We were given an artist brief to use recycled materials to upcycle, in order to craft a gift for an Egyptian Pharaoh. The children chose where to place their sculptures in the installation art gallery and created an artists label for their piece of artwork. To make the gallery immersive the children chose which music they wanted to play, images to be displayed on the IWB and the colour of the lights.

        Awful Egyptians!Awful Egyptians!

        In Maths we have been exploring mass and capacity. The children have been exploring scales in order to measure objects in kg and g's. We were also measuring the volume and capacity of an amount using ml and l's.

        Awful Egyptians!Awful Egyptians!

          Happy World Book Day!

          Published on Thursday 7 March 2024 by Mrs Fox.

          We have had a wonderful day celebrating our favourite story book characters and I have been blown away with the array of wonderful costumes!

          Happy World Book Day!

          To celebrate our love for reading we have taken part in a quiz, shared stories in VERY unusual places and had a great workshop by storyteller; Rogan Mills!

          Happy World Book Day!

          Happy World Book Day! Happy World Book Day!

            Year 3 become rock stars!

            Published on Tuesday 5 March 2024 by Mrs Fox.

            In Science we became rock stars and had lots of fun classifying and exploring rocks to determine if they were sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. We also experimented with soil and performed a “soil shake up” to discover what soil is made from

            Year 3 become rock stars!Year 3 become rock stars!

            In Maths we have continued to learn more about fractions. We used the cubes to help us find a fraction of an amount with unit fractions. We then challenged the children to find a fraction of an amount with non-unit fractions. To do this we learnt that there are two stages; divide the denominator and times the answer by the numerator. I was blown away at the children's ability to explain and show their working out process.

            Year 3 become rock stars!Year 3 become rock stars!

            In English we are still hooked on our story; The Explorer. We have been preparing to write the next chapter of the book and have been writing our own direct speech using inverted commas and wrote a setting description using expanded noun phrases.

            Year 3 become rock stars!

            Just a reminder that parents evenings will be held on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March (8-8.30am and 3.30-5pm) Appointments can be face to face or via telephone. Please contact the school office to check availability and choose your preferred time slot.

              The Year 3 Team

              Mrs Fox
              Mrs Fox

              Mrs Sheffield
              Mrs Sheffield

              Times Table Fluency

              What does it sound like to be fluent in times tables?

              What does it mean to be fluent in times tables?

              • Your child can answer the question back to you, with automaticity, within 3 seconds. 
              • They do not need to think about the answer or hesitate to think about the answer.
              • They may make a little mistake but very quickly correct themself. 
              • They can answer questions which are out of sequence and in no pattern of times tables. 
              • Children do not count on fingers. 


              Why do children need to be fluent in times tables?

              • It reduces cognitive load - children can think quicker because they don’t have to spend time counting their times tables. 
              • It saves energy in the brain allowing greater focus on the problem - reading the question, processing what it means, carrying out 2 or more calculations in a problem.
              • It saves time in calculating in multi-step problems. 
              • It unlocks a world of maths in the wider curriculum. 
              • It provides the opportunity for children to reason with numbers and problem solve.
              • It builds confidence & reduces mathematical anxiety - grows independence, reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed by the problem. 

              Reading at the Expected Standard

              What does it sound like to be reading at the expected standard in Year 3?

              What does it mean to be a fluent reader? 

              Reading fluency - a combination of the following components:

              • Accuracy - word recognition and pronunciation 
              • Automaticity - rapid word reading without conscious decoding (breaking down/sounding out words)
              • Prosody- expressive, phrased reading
              • Comprehension - processing text & understanding meaning 
              • Inference - reading between the lines 

              What to look out for:

              • Reading with varied volume and expression.  
              • Your child will sound like they are talking to a friend with their voice matching the interpretation of the passage.
              • They will read with good phrasing.
              • They will adhere to the punctuation used in the text - taking a breath at commas and pausing at full stops. 
              • They will read smoothly - they may have some breaks and will self-correct any slight mistakes. 
              • They will read at a good pace. 

              How many words per minute should your child be reading?

              The following figures are based on the child reading this amount of words in an age appropriate text. Some examples of age appropriate texts can be found below. 


              End of the Autumn term (by Christmas)

              End of the Spring term (by Easter)

              End of the Summer term (by Summer)

              Year 3





              Year 3 texts:

              • 600 - Cliffhanger
                600 - Cliffhanger
              • 650 - The Games Player of Zob
                650 - The Games Player of Zob
              • 675 - The Angel of Nitshill Road
                675 - The Angel of Nitshill Road
              • 725 - Bill’s New Frock
                725 - Bill’s New Frock
              • 775 - The Golden Turtle and other tales
                775 - The Golden Turtle and other tales
              • 800 - Daisy and the trouble with Jack.
                800 - Daisy and the trouble with Jack.
              • 800 - Pongwiffy
                800 - Pongwiffy