Year 4

Science in Year 4

Published on Friday 24 November 2023 by Miss Golightly.

This week the children have been learning about sound in science. The children discovered that sound is a type of energy made by vibrations. We carried out different investigations to discover how sound travels, and the children were able to confidently explain how sound travels through a medium to the ear and what happens inside the ear.

Science in Year 4Science in Year 4

Following this, the children investigated the pitch of a sound. They learnt that high pitch sounds are caused by fast vibrations and low pitch sounds are caused by slow vibrations.

Science in Year 4Science in Year 4

Today, we had a visitor from the Ogden Trust who shared more learning on sound with the children. They carried out a range of different investigations to discover how sound can travel through solids, liquids and gases, and they also investigated how sound gets fainter as the distance from the sound source increases.


We have had lots of fun learning about sound. Can the children share with you any of their learning?

Science in Year 4Science in Year 4

    Year 4

    Published on Thursday 19 October 2023 by Miss Golightly.

    During our Design and Technology lessons, the children have been learning about mechanical systems and structures. The children created a catapult which was used as the structure for their mechanical system which was a lever. Before they made their catapults, the children learnt about the different levers, and they analysed existing catapults to support them in designing their own.

    Year 4 Year 4

    After designing their catapults in groups, the children then measured, marked and cut their word using a saw. These pieces of wood were then assembled together and coloured to create their final products.

    Year 4 Year 4

    Finally, the children tested their catapults and evaluated how successful they were.

    The children have been brilliant at recalling their sticky knowledge from their learning. What can they tell you from their design and technology unit?

    Year 4 Year 4

      Playground Partners are go…!

      Published on Wednesday 4 October 2023 by Miss Bryson.

      Playground Partners have begun their role during playtimes, ensuring that their peers are happy and safe on the yard or field; helping them to find a friend or just offer a listening ear!

      Playground Partners are go…!

        Welcome to Year 4!

        Published on Thursday 14 September 2023 by Miss Lee.

        Hello and welcome back to school. The children have settled in well to their new classes and have set great first impressions to their new teachers.

        PE days are as follows:

        Friday - both classes

        Tuesday - 4L swimming until February half term

        Upcoming dates

        15th September - Muddy Mayhem

        26th September - Phase information evening & Ford Castle information evening

        WC 2.10.23 - After school clubs start

        9th October - Ford Castle trip

        Over the past two weeks the children have studies art and learnt about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have been practicing new skills in creating positive and negative space, and experimenting with the colour wheel to display complimentary colours.

        They have been fantastic at recalling their sticky knowledge. Take a look at our knowledge mat and give them a test!

        Welcome to Year 4!

        Homework will be set on a Monday to be completed by the following Monday.

        At least the following should be completed:

        3 x Spelling Shed games

        10 x TT Rockstars games

        3 x Reading

        Additional sheets will be provided in which children can earn extra gems for completing.

          Prize Giving 2023 - Year 4

          Published on Friday 21 July 2023 by Crook Primary.

          End of Year Film

          Award Winners


          Maths Joe Hird
          English Paddy Lambert-Cousins
          Curriculum Subjects Finlay Craggs
          Emerald Power Lilly Reed
          Diamond Power Fern Breward
          Ruby Power Finley Baines
          Sapphire Power Jenson Robson-Kelly
          Gem Master Imogen McManus
          Being a Good Sports Person Estelle Gent
          Greatest Effort Maisie Clarey
          Most Progress Jack Moore
          Outstanding Achievement Rose Colcombe



          Maths Teddy Buston
          English Millie Seaton-Lawes
          Curriculum Subjects Bobby Dobson
          Emerald Power Oscar Steadman
          Diamond Power Teddy Genner
          Ruby Power Skye O'Prey
          Sapphire Power Beaux Poulter
          Gem Master Maisie Morley
          Being a Good Sports Person Noah Ross
          Greatest Effort Kaden Bestford
          Most Progress Kobe Egglestone
          Outstanding Achievement Skyla-Rose Milburn

            The Year 4 Team

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            Miss Lee

            Miss Golightly
            Miss Golightly