Year 5

November in Year 5...

Published on Thursday 23 November 2023 by Miss Bunce.

Our learning in Science this unit has been out of this world! We have been exploring all about different forces, and have loved carrying out different investigations. To explore the impact different variables have on air resistance, we created our own parachutes and timed how long they took to fall. This helped us understand how air resistance can be increased.

November in Year 5...November in Year 5...

Then, we began developing our understanding of Earth and space. It was surprising to discover that people thought the Earth used to be flat until Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, shared his evidence. Getting into character, we took on the role of news reporters working for Zeus News and used fantastic oracy skills to present Aristotle's findings.

November in Year 5...November in Year 5...

    October 23

    Published on Friday 20 October 2023 by Mr Askew.

    The children in Year 5 have enjoyed becoming engineers this month and have had to come up with an innovative vehicle which contains gears and pulleys to create a prototype for the UK Space Agency for a future mission. The children analysed existing products and used these to design a vehicle after exploring gears and pulleys.

    October 23October 23

    In History, we explored how the Ancient Greeks impacted on our lives and the legacy they left and how they demonstrated their power. This culminated in a day with a visitor from Bowes Museum providing a workshop. The children were able to demonstrate their learning and also performed an Ancient Greek tragedy and made pottery in their style.

    October 23October 23

      Playground Partners are go…!

      Published on Wednesday 4 October 2023 by Miss Bryson.

      Playground Partners have begun their role during playtimes, ensuring that their peers are happy and safe on the yard or field; helping them to find a friend or just offer a listening ear!

      Playground Partners are go…!

        Year 5's First Weeks

        Published on Thursday 21 September 2023 by Mr Askew.

        What a great start to Year 5 our children have had. They have settled in brilliantly and have already enjoyed some great lessons and events.

        Over the first couple of weeks, the children have enjoyed art, which they have focused on Pop Art. After looking at examples of the style and identifying the key features, the pupils built up to using relief printing to create prints in the style of famous artist, Andy Warhol.

        Last week, our annual Muddy Mayhem took place with the children getting stuck in and having a great time with their friends. A big well done to 5A, who were brilliant in their roles around the course and helping the younger children.

        Year 5's First WeeksYear 5's First Weeks

        Year 5's First WeeksYear 5's First Weeks

        Year 5's First WeeksYear 5's First Weeks

          Prize Giving 2023 - Year 5

          Published on Friday 21 July 2023 by Crook Primary.

          End of Year Film

          Award Winners


          Maths Eve Ross
          English Ethan Koch
          Curriculum Subjects Harrison Pollock
          Emerald Power Isabella Cole
          Diamond Power Grace Tate
          Ruby Power Tia Bell
          Sapphire Power Jayden Taylor
          Gem Master Jackson McLean
          Being a Good Sports Person Joey Crossley
          Greatest Effort Jack Sproat
          Most Progress Rosie Davies
          Outstanding Achievement Emily Gatens



          English Renata Feher
          Curriculum Subjects Noah Wilkinson
          Emerald Power Mia-Lilly Walton
          Diamond Power Alannah Wessels
          Ruby Power Ethan Crawford
          Sapphire Power Fiona Norman
          Gem Master Jessica Tingle
          Being a Good Sports Person Harvey Varley
          Greatest Effort Emily Grady
          Most Progress Niamh Clarey
          Outstanding Achievement Jiayue Yang

            The Year 5 Team

            Mr Askew
            Mr Askew

            Mrs Blackett
            Mrs Blackett

            Miss Bunce
            Miss Bunce