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Sensational Students Sit SATs!

Published on Friday 17 May 2024 by Miss Taylor.

We are so proud of all the children in Year 6, who have shown sheer determination and a positive attitude when sitting their SATs this week. They have worked hard all year and shown how truly remarkable they all are. We know that every pupil did their very best and we couldn't have asked for any more. It was wonderful to see the celebrations and the looks on their faces when they finished the final test.

Sensational Students Sit SATs!Sensational Students Sit SATs!

To end the week, Year 6 took part in a virtual lesson, exploring the different careers within the maritime world. In celebration of the International Day for Women, they met three women whose jobs include a boat builder, deck officer and port manager. It provided the children with a great insight into what a future career could look like for them.

Sensational Students Sit SATs!

    Exploring the Kingdom of Benin

    Published on Friday 26 April 2024 by Miss Taylor.

    As budding historians our year group have been learning the skills of analysing sources, comparing and contrasting civilisations and developing reasoned arguments through their study of the West African Kingdom of Benin.

    Exploring the Kingdom of BeninExploring the Kingdom of Benin

    Throughout this history topic, the children have explored what it was like to live in Benin City under the rule of the all powerful Oba, considered how black African people were treated in Britain during Elizabethan England and identified the causes and effects of the 1897 siege of Benin.

    Exploring the Kingdom of BeninExploring the Kingdom of Benin

      Fossils, finches and features

      Published on Friday 8 March 2024 by Miss Oxley.

      Fossils and finches, and features, oh my! We have been learning about evolution and inheritance in Year 6 this week. The children have been taking part in fun experiments where they made observations about finches' beaks and how they are adapted to survive. This helped them to explain Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

      They also explored the life and work of Mary Anning, a famous fossil hunter, and discovered the process of fossilisation. Thank you to the children who brought in fossils to show the class.

      We ended the week by discussing inherited and environmental characteristics. The children loved sharing what features they had inherited from their parents.

      Fossils, finches and featuresFossils, finches and features

        Sensational stories!

        Published on Friday 8 March 2024 by Miss Oxley.

        We thoroughly enjoyed listening to stories by Rogan Mills and sharing our own stories with our friends on World Book Day.

        Sensational stories!Sensational stories!

        Sensational stories!Sensational stories!

          Expressing Ourselves

          Published on Friday 9 February 2024 by Miss Taylor.

          To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week, the children were able to express themselves by coming into school dressed in their own unique styles. They also created their own spiral artwork to express their interests.

          Expressing Ourselves

          In Design and Technology this week, the children explored bag designs and the designs of Stella McCartney before practising various different stitches that they will use to create their own sustainable bags. The children showed lots of resilience with the challenging skills that they had to learn.

          Expressing OurselvesExpressing Ourselves

          Expressing Ourselves

            Harriet is a finalist!

            Published on Wednesday 17 January 2024 by Miss Oxley.

            We are so pleased to announce that Harriet Mills, of class 6O, is a finalist in BBC's 500 Words competition. She will soon be going to Buckingham Palace, London, to take part in a special event which will be featured on The One Show on 7th March 2024.

            Well done Harriet - you have made us all so proud!

            Harriet is a finalist!

            Here is what BBC have to say about the 500 Words competition:

            We all know competition means one thing… prizes, and there are some unbelievable prizes up for grabs.

            Our grand final will take place in February 2024 at Buckingham Palace! The top 50 finalists will be invited, along with a parent or carer. The event will be featured in a special 500 Word programme with The One Show, on World Book Day on 7 March 2024.

            The two gold winners will receive the height of Sir Lenny Henry in books, as well as 500 books for their school. The two silver winners will receive the height of Her Majesty the Queen in books and the two bronze winners will receive the average height of a 7 or 11 year old in books.

            On top of this, BBC 500 Words have teamed up with six of the biggest and best children's illustrators to each design one of the six winners' stories. Axel Scheffler will design the gold winner of the 5-7 category, whilst Fiona Lumbers & Joelle Avelino will design the silver and bronze designs.

            Jamie Smart will design the gold 8-11 winner, whilst Sue Cheung & Steven Lenton are on board to design the silver & bronze winners respectively.

            Not only will they have their story bought to life, the six illustrated stories will be framed and each child will get a 500 Words winners' book to take home.

            Find out how your child can enter next year here:

            Harriet is a finalist!

            I send this letter, dear Sir Lenny,

            to ask you kindly if there's any

            chance you might today at Breakfast

            tell your viewers of a contest,

            which inspires imagination,

            creativity, celebration.

            The call, you will, I'm sure, have heard:

            “Send us your Five Hundred Words!”

            If you're aged from five to seven,

            or from eight up to eleven.

            write your story, send it in:

            you could be the one to win!

            Any subject, any style:

            make us marvel, make us smile,

            make us think - and think again.

            You have until November 10.

            The hunt is on. We seek a star.

            The best of luck.

            - Camilla R

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