Playground Partners

Peer Mentoring in our school.

All of our children have the right to feel safe in our playground; in one that is harmonious and without dispute.

Breaktimes in our school are fun and an opportunity for our children to be active, get some fresh air and meet up with friends.

If there is an occasion when some of our children may be feeling in need of support due to friendship disputes during playtime; THEN in comes our Peer Support Team; ‘Playground Partners’!

We have joined a programme that is offered from One Point Family Centre. Over 6 weeks of training; our Peer Mentors will learn how to engage and empower other children in developing a positive ethos across our school; creating an environment that helps to support emotional and social needs. Our mentors are committed to encouraging happy and sociable playtimes. They will be a point of contact for children during breaks and can help encourage friendship and games, making sure no-one feels alone and will be able to sort out any minor concerns, they will learn how to best communicate, keep calm and understand the need for confidentiality in different situations, whilst gaining confidence and self-esteem.

Our lunchtime supervisor staff will also receive training in order to show commitment in supporting our children, encourage children to express their feelings and continue to foster a positive and open culture of accessible emotional support.