Chill Kidz

Coming Soon!


Published on Monday 25 September 2023 by Miss Bryson.

The Chill Kidz Programme will be returning as soon as a new cohort has been arranged.


    Published on Wednesday 19 July 2023 by Miss Bryson.

    Each week in Chill Kidz we begin the session with the Zones of Regulation: BLUE- sad, bored, tired sick, GREEN- happy, focused, calm, proud, YELLOW- worried, frustrated, sill, excited, RED- angry, panicked, terrified. The children choose the zone that matches their mood and gives reasons why.


    In week 1 of this 6 week programme we Wrote about ourselves in order to introduce ourselves to the rest of the group, then drew expressions of our different emotions.




    Week 2 we we used balloons to match a person with the same colour and found out 3 facts with them to share with the group.


    Week 3 we drew pictures of ourselves in the different Regulation Zones and said how our body and face clues were and how we were likely to make others feel.



    Week 4 we used an 'emotions ball', throwing it to other group members and discussing what made us feel these emotions.


    Week 5 we acted out different emotions and discussed how we might deal with them in various situations.




    Week 6 We created an 'Emotions Toolbox' to examine actions we could take when faced with different situations and finally looked at the progress we have made.


    As with all sessions-we ended with a time to relax and reflect.


    We all passed with flying colours and got our certificates!