House Teams

Aim of the Crook Primary House System

The aim of the House System is to promote friendly competition and the opportunity for children across the school to learn with and from each other in a variety of different contexts.

The four houses are named after significant and inspirational people in British history.

House Teams

is named after Emmeline Pankhurst, who was a political activist who showed confidence, passion and courage.

is named after Ernest Shackleton, who was an Antarctic explorer who was adventurous, optimistic and showed enthusiasm.

is named after Charles Darwin who was a scientist who was inquisitive, reflective and inventive.

is named after Florence Nightingale who was a nurse and social reformer who was kind, empathetic and resilient.


House Presidents

Within each phase, House Presidents are selected by the Heads of House by the end of the first term. Therefore, each House Team has three House Presidents.

The House Presidents are chosen for their traits and qualities e.g. reliable, enthusiastic, resilient, motivating, confident, team player.

House Heroes

During each event and competition, one pupil from each house team in each phase is awarded the House Hero. These are chosen because the pupils have shown the following: 

• empathy and understanding which creates a positive and respectful ethos within their house; 

• teamwork, effort and fair play to create equality and opportunities for all; 

• or inspiration by being a positive role model and leading their house.

How do the children earn House Points?

If everyone within a House Team participates in an event/competition, their House Team earns 10 points.

Additional points are awarded based on the positions of each House at the end of the competition:

Position House points
1st 50
2nd 30
3rd 15

Every child who earns their behaviour band, earns 10 house points for their House Team.

Every child who has 100% attendance at the end of a half term earns 10 points.

The top three Gem Winners in each class earn House Points for their Team: 1st = 50 points, 2nd = 30 points and 3rd = 15 points

At the final assembly, the overall House Cup will be awarded to the House Presidents and Heads of House of the Team that has received the most points during the Year, and the winning House Team will be given a reward.

House Team Events and Competitions 2023-24

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Event House meeting explore the significant and inspirational person, design logo, choose house song.
team building
Maths challenge (focus on arithmetic-3 children per year group) Spelling bee (3 children per year group) Singing Performance Poetry House Quiz
Competition Cross Country
(All Phases)
Dance Off
(All Phases)
Crazy hoops (KS1)
Netball (KS2)
Tug of War
(All Phases)
Scatterball (KS1)
Tag Rugby (KS2)
Football (All phases)



Pankhurst - 42951

Shackleton - 41186

Darwin - 40782

Nightingale - 37825


National Writing Day Competition

Published on Thursday 20 June 2024 by Miss Taylor.

To celebrate National Writing Day on Wednesday, the children took part in a writing competition within each class. All the teachers were so impressed with the creativity that the children showed in their writing.

National Writing Day CompetitionNational Writing Day Competition

The following children were the winners and won house points for their house teams:

Class RA

1st = Oscar

2nd = Savannah

3rd = Freya

Class RW

1st = Gracie

2nd = Isaac

3rd = Freddie

Class 1M

1st = Freddie

2nd =Millie

3rd = Savannah

Class 1L

1st = Chloe

2nd =Amber

3rd = Toby

Class 2B

1st = Loucienna

3rd = Hollie

Class 2D

1st = Austin

2nd =Amelia

3rd = Olivia

National Writing Day CompetitionNational Writing Day Competition

Class 3F

1st = Grace

2nd =Neve

3rd = Ella

Class 3T

1st = Ellie

2nd =Sophie

3rd = Jiaxin

Class 4G

1st = Scarlett

2nd = Ivy

3rd = Amelia

Class 4L

1st = Leo

2nd =Rowan

3rd = Holly

National Writing Day CompetitionNational Writing Day Competition

Class 5BT

1st = Finlay

2nd =Maisie

3rd = Imogen

Class 5M

1st = Jack

2nd = Rose

3rd = Paddy

Class 6T

1st = Emily

2nd = Ethan

3rd = Rosie

Class 6O

1st = Harry

2nd = Jessica

3rd = Jiayue

    Football Frenzy

    Published on Friday 24 May 2024 by Miss Taylor.

    This half term, the children showed amazing teamwork when they competed against each other in the football house team competition. It was wonderful to see every single child showing determination and resilience, especially those children who don't normally play football and Reception who thoroughly enjoyed their first house team event. They showed their competitive spirit and good sportsmanship, and are a welcome addition to their house team.

    Football FrenzyFootball Frenzy

    The following house teams won the football competition in their phase:

    EYFS - Shackleton

    KS1 - Pankhurst

    LKS2 - Darwin

    UKS2 - Pankhurst/Shackleton

    Football FrenzyFootball Frenzy

    The House Heroes of the football competition were:



    Paisley Graham (EYFS)

    Lucas Norman (KS1)

    Olivia Ryan (LKS2)

    Charlie Day (UKS2)



    Arthur Roby (EYFS)

    Ollie Sproat (KS1)

    Robbie Clarey (LKS2)

    Andrea Watret (UKS2)



    Oscar Reed (EYFS)

    Caprea Quinn (KS1)

    Reema Al Soliman (LKS2)

    Dylan Fairgrieve (UKS2)



    Alyssa Belshaw (EFYS)

    Seth Goundry (KS1)

    Oscar Fullerton (LKS2)

    Tommy Dobson (UKS2)

    Football FrenzyFootball Frenzy

      House Team Spelling Bee

      Published on Thursday 28 March 2024 by Miss Taylor.

      To end the term, the children created a buzz by competing in a Spelling Bee in their House Teams. What better way to learn and practise how to spell while having fun doing it!

      House Team Spelling BeeHouse Team Spelling Bee

      The following house teams won the Spelling Bee in their phase:

      KS1 - Darwin

      LKS2 - Pankhurst

      UKS2 - Shackleton

      House Team Spelling BeeHouse Team Spelling Bee

      The House Heroes of the spelling competition were:


      Liza Savyztska (KS1)

      Jaycob-Jay Henry (LKS2)

      Ruby Violet Buckle (UKS2)


      Annabelle Cannon (KS1)

      Joshua Bowes (LKS2)

      Estelle Gent (UKS2)


      Charlotte Kirkbride (KS1)

      Indie-Mai Sung-Brown (LKS2)

      Paddy Lambert-Cousins (UKS2)


      Olivia Hardy (KS1)

      Oscar Fullarton (LKS2)

      Aura Weston (UKS2)

        House Team Tug of War

        Published on Thursday 28 March 2024 by Miss Taylor.

        All of the children took to the rope yesterday afternoon during the Tug of War. This competition really demonstrated the children's competitive spirit, and it was fantastic to see the sheer determination of each child as they worked together as a house team. The highlight of the afternoon was without a doubt the Heads of House competing against each other whilst being cheered on by the whole school.

        House Team Tug of WarHouse Team Tug of War

        The following house teams won the 'Tug of War':

        KS1 - Nightingale and Shackleton

        LKS2 - Pankhurst

        UKS2 - Pankhurst, Shackleton and Darwin

        Heads of House - Pankhurst

        House Team Tug of WarHouse Team Tug of War

        The House Heroes of our 'Tug of War' competition were:


        Raul Fonio (KS1)

        Dakota Bilgin-Darvishi (LKS2)

        Chelsea Hodgson (UKS2)


        Ollie Sproat (KS1)

        Abigail Bowes (LKS2)

        Jack Sproat (UKS2)


        Hunter-James Hutchinson (KS1)

        Steven Atkinson (LKS2)

        Eve Ross (UKS2)


        Robyn Charles (KS1)

        Alfie Lawson (LKS2)

        Charlie Agar (UKS2)

        House Team Tug of War

          Singing Sensations

          Published on Friday 1 March 2024 by Miss Taylor.

          On Wednesday 14th February, we held our first house team singing competition in each phase. It was wonderful to see the creativity that the house teams showed when performing, and in some cases writing their songs, the enthusiastic adult participation in some house teams, especially the hidden singing talent of Miss Bunce and the passion that all children showed as they sang their hearts out.

          Singing SensationsSinging Sensations

          The following house teams won the singing competition in their phase:

          KS1 - Darwin

          LKS2 - Pankhurst

          UKS2 - Pankhurst

          Singing SensationsSinging Sensations

          The House Heroes during the singing competition were:


          Harvey-Roy Westwood (KS1)

          Isla Jordan (LKS2)

          Rose Colcombe (UKS2)


          Austin Egglestone (KS1)

          Sophie Hird (LKS2)

          Emily Grady (UKS2)


          Lucas McKenzie (KS1)

          Gracie-May Walton (LKS2)

          Harriet Mills (UKS2)


          Seth Goundry (KS1)

          Lennon Beveridge (LKS2)

          Jiayue Yang (UKS2)

            Crazy Hoops and Benchball

            Published on Monday 12 February 2024 by Miss Taylor.

            On Monday, we held our first 'Crazy Hoops' house team competition in KS1 and 'Benchball' in LKS2 and UKS2. All the children represented their house teams with resilience, great determination and good sportsmanship. It was also wonderful to see the children cheering on their team mates during each game.

            Crazy Hoops and BenchballCrazy Hoops and Benchball

            The following house teams won the competitions in their phase:

            KS1 Crazy Hoops - Nightingale

            LKS2 Benchball - Pankhurst

            UKS2 Benchball - Pankhurst


            Crazy Hoops and BenchballCrazy Hoops and Benchball

            The House Heroes during 'Crazy Hoops' and Benchball?' were:


            Rayan Fonio (KS1)

            Hallie-Marie Ashurst (LKS2)

            Ethan Koch (UKS2)


            Rosabelle Riley (KS1)

            Charlie McIntyre (UKS2)


            Lewis Johnson (KS1)

            Paul Junior Quinn (LKS2)

            Harrison Pollock (UKS2)


            Declan Irwin (KS1)

            Jak Beasley (LKS2)

            Harry Gibson (UKS2)

            Crazy Hoops and BenchballCrazy Hoops and Benchball