Year 2 Crook Factor Auditions

What an exciting afternoon we have had in year 2 holding Crook Factor auditions. We adored the children's confidence and enthusiasm, as well as the creative ideas and song choices for their acts. What a very, very tricky decision it will be to decide only one finalist! You ALL should be so proud Year 2. Miss Burnip and Miss Adlington were beaming with pride watching you all. Here are our audition contestants:

Thea and Louciena - singing Flowers

Lyssie, Grace and Hallie - dancing to Ghostbusters

Annabelle, Luna and Amelia - tap dancing to Come Fly with Me

Joshua - dancing to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ollie and Ahmed - dancing to Waka Waka

Lucas M - capoeira performance

Theo - dancing to The Gummy Bear Song

Oliver and Hollie - singing to Diamonds

Olivia, Kelsey, Winter and Danielle - group called 'Girl Power' cheerleading

Eva and Alfie - singing to Talking to the Moon

Awes - dancing to Get Back Up Again

Amelia-Rose - ballet dancing

Maddie and Caprea - singing to Girl on Fire

Declan - singing to Shotgun

Year 2 Crook Factor Auditions