Mental Maths and Magical Moves

On Thursday, we held this term's house team challenges. Well done to those children who represented their house team in the competition, 'Who wants to be a Math's Mastermind?' They showed great resilience and speed in answering the mental arithmetic questions, whilst being cheered on by the rest of their house team. We were also very proud of the staff, who competed against each other and showed just how determined they were to win points for their house team.

Mental Maths and Magical MovesMental Maths and Magical Moves

All of the children showed their enthusiasm during the dance competition, and it was wonderful to see them all take part with smiles on their faces. A massive thank you to those parents who have helped their children practise their dance routines at home - it really paid off! The following house teams won the dance competition in their phase:

KS1 - Nightingale

LKS2 - Pankhurst

UKS2 - Nightingale

Mental Maths and Magical MovesMental Maths and Magical Moves

Within both events, we also identified a House Hero for each phase in each House Team. These children were chosen because of their enthusiasm, determination and hard work to practise their mental arithmetic and learn their dance routine.

The House Heroes during 'Who wants to be a Math's Mastermind?' were:


Carter Howe (KS1)

Olivia Ryan (LKS2)

Finlay Craggs (UKS2)


Toby Wallace (KS1)

Ivy Hendry (LKS2)


Lucas McKenzie (KS1)

Halle Buddin (LKS2)

Harrisson Nelson (UKS2)


Evie Spence (KS1)

Ayden George (LKS2)

Jack Moore (UKS2)

The House Heroes during the dance competition were:


Connie Hanmer (KS1)

Dakota Bilgin-Darvishi (LKS2)

Mia Gibson (UKS2)


Millie Stephenson (KS1)

Archie Spencer (LKS2)

Harry Maskell (UKS2)


Mason Griffiths KS1

Gracie-May Walton (LKS2)

Mia-Lilly Walton (UKS2)


Ruby Hirst (KS1)

Evie Goundry (LKS2)

Gracie-Lea Henry (UKS2)

Mental Maths and Magical Moves