Crook Factor preparations!

On Friday everyone across school had a very entertaining, exciting afternoon showcasing their Crook Factor auditions. There were comedians, dancers, ballet dancers, gymnast, magicians... and so much more. What an incredibly tricky decision it was to decide upon finalists to perform at Crook Factor in our final week of term. We are happy to announce our finalists for Crook Factor 2023 are:

Y1 - Brutus Atkinson

Y2 - Lucas McKenzie

Y3 - Grace Piper

Y4 - Larissa, Evie and Gracie

Y5 - Andrea, Mia and Millie

Y6 - Harriet Mills

Crook Factor preparations!

With special returning performances coming from:

Noah and Teddy

The Bumble Bees (Luna, Amelia and Annabelle)

Crook Factor preparations!

Let the rehearsing commence ready for the big day! Your year group VOC representatives will be on hand to check in with finalists and check they are feeling prepared and confident for Monday 18th December!