Catching Some ZZZ's

We watched a video clip of 'Animals trying to stay awake' and discussed times that they themselves have felt like this:

• Working in the classroom?

• At breakfast?

Asked: are we able to work and play as well as we could if we weren't tired?

Asked if we know what happens to the body when we're sleeping. Watched the 'What would happen if you didn't sleep' video by Claudia Aguirre.

Asked children how they make sure they get good quality sleep.

We explored facts and myths about sleep and the amount of sleep different age groups need. Then discussed:

• The use of screens, in particular how much time they usually leave between using them and going to bed.

• What is in their room and how they can make it a relaxing environment (dark, comfortable, books, no electronic toys)

• What they can do during the day to ensure they get a good night's sleep. (Diet, exercise, time to wind down, calming activities an hour before bed, avoiding eating too late, particularly sugar!)

In pairs, children created a short presentation- a guide to a good night's sleep - with a twist.

One of the children in the pair gave the opposite advice first, e.g.: saying that they should play on electronic devices in bed, have sweets before bed, play with noisy toys in bed, etc. Their partner then interjected at each point to give the right advice.

Each pair performed their 'Good Sleep Guide' to the class, with the audience giving constructive feedback.