Pupil of the Month

Today we announced our pupils of the month for November 2023.

Pupil of the Month

RA - Isabelle Conway

My pupil of the month is Isabelle Conway. Isabelle is the most delightful little girl with a huge heart. She is incredibly caring, kind, helpful and diligent. Isabelle always strides towards being the best version of herself and is absolutely thriving in school. She is a fantastic member of our class and I am a very lucky teacher to have her. Isabelle shines brightly with diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire power - she really is the full package. Isabelle, you are an extraordinary little girl and I hope you always know how brightly you shine!

RW - Alyssa Belshaw

Alyssa Belshaw has been awarded pupil of the month for November 2023 in RW. Alyssa always remembers her manners and speaks politely and respectfully to those around her showing care and consideration in all situations. Alyssa knows our class rules and follows them and she can talk about why the rules are important. Alyssa always gives her best, in concentration and participation and is one of the best singers and dancers in the class! Alyssa looks, listens and joins in with all her lessons and gives thoughtful contributions during whole class times which inspire others. Alyssa is now segmenting and blending very well and is beginning to use this skill in her reading and writing. Well done Alyssa you are a fabulous role model!

1L - Ollie Cole

Congratulations to Ollie for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month. I can't praise Ollie enough for his exceptional attitude towards his learning and overall demeanour. I am always impressed with how well he listens during lessons, and how he connects his prior knowledge to his current learning. Ollie was a wonderful team player in our recent house competition and tried his very best. He is a fantastic role model to all in our class, has impeccable manners and a wonderful friend to many of the children. I wish I had a friend like Ollie! Ollie is destined for greatness and I can’t wait to see him flourish throughout his school years. Well done Ollie – you deserve everything and more! 

1M - Wenjie Yang

1M’s Pupil of the Month award goes to Wenjie Yang. Wenjie is always exceptionally well behaved. He listens intently during every single lesson and is always keen to share ideas with the rest of the class. Wenjie continues to impress me with his fantastic mathematic ability and is progressing beautifully within his reading and writing. His emerald power has really helped him to tackle some difficult work and his diamond power is increasing every day. Wenjie has beautiful manners and an abundance of ruby power. A very well-deserved award, Wenjie. Please keep it up!

2AD - Grace Tanner

Grace is a great example to all in 2AD. She is enthusiastic, always offers answers and is always keen to learn. Whatever the task, Grace does her absolute best and shows wonderful diamond power. She is kind and caring to her peers and always makes staff smile; wonderful ruby power. Well done Grace, we are proud to have you in class and you're a great role model. 

2B - Luna Hall

Our Pupil of the Month is a little girl who has the most fantastic attitude towards school. Our lovely Luna, comes to school each day so ready to learn and give her absolute all no questions asked! She is such a positive member of the class and is so kind and empathetic to others around her. She has shown such great resilience in the last couple of weeks and continues to smile throughout. Luna, you are a delight to teach and have around - never change!

3B - Ruben-John Stewart

Ruben has demonstrated many of the traits that teachers never fail to appreciate, this past month. He has worked diligently in every area of his studies, and he has consistently led the class as an example of model student behaviour. As a result of his persistent academic endeavours he has shown a marked improvement within his work. In particular Ruben's maths work has improved considerably. I am delighted that Ruben has witnessed all of his hard work paying off, and believe that he will continue to strive and succeed.

3F - Olivia Hunter 

Olivia has been awarded as 3F's pupil of the month for her fantastic attitude to learning. At times Olivia can be overwhelmed when completing a large piece of writing. However she has shown amazing resilience and perseverance. Rather than giving up she slowed down, read her work back and produced a wonderful piece of writing. Olivia always comes into class with a huge smile on her face and is consistently ready to work. She is an incredibly helpful little girl and is always looking for ways to support both myself and her peers. Keep up the great work Olivia! 

4G - Isabelle Addison

My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Isabelle Addison. Isabelle is a brilliant role model in 4G, and she sets a good example of how to behave sensibly. She is always focused on her learning, and she loves to share her ideas and contribute to class discussions. Isabelle is a good friend, and she cares about her classmates. She is always offering to help with jobs around the classroom, and she is becoming a very independent learner. Well done Isabelle!

4L - Leo Lowes

Leo has had an amazing month! He has actively applied all of his new learning to his independent work and is always striving to do better! Leo makes a conscious effort to check and improve his work and as a result he has made amazing progress. I am so proud of him. Well done Leo.

5A - Lilly-Anne Reed

Lilly has been excellent since joining Year 5, and she continues going from strength to strength. She knows her targets and relentlessly works on them at school and at home, and is always trying to improve in everything that she does. Lilly is such an important member of the class as she supports others when they need help, and she celebrates other children's success. Lilly needs to just keep being Lilly and she will continue having a great year. Well done Lilly.

5B - Travis Clark

Travis, we are so proud of you. Recently, you have demonstrated true resilience and your attitude is just fantastic. We can always rely on you to share your ideas in class, and we have loved you sharing your incredible knowledge about space with us. We all look forward to Mr Clark's science lessons! Well done and keep it up!

6O - Jessica Knighton

Jessica has been an absolute model pupil this month; from her stunning presentation and handwriting in every subject, to her wide knowledge of all things wild that she loves to share, she has been an inspiration to others and noticed by many for her excellent focus. I'm very pleased to see the progress she is making in all areas of the curriculum. Keep up the good attitude and positivity Jessica - well done.

6T - Eve Ross

6T's pupil of the month is Eve. She shows great determination to produce work at a high standard and contributes to all class discussions. Eve shows great resilience and independence with her learning and for these reasons she sets an excellent example to the other children in the class. Keep up the amazing work, Eve!