Snow is Falling

It's most definitely beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS!

This week we have moved onto our Christmas mini topic and how apt has the weather been? The children have been busy learning about Christmas traditions and reminiscing on some of their Christmas memories from opening presents, giving, eating Christmas dinner and decorating the house. We have also been learning a little bit about the Christian celebrations for Christmas, this has worked well as we have been rehearsing for the Christmas Nativity.

As something nice to follow up our lessons the children have been creating their own Christmas decorations. They are so excited to take these home but not just yet! They have decorated a wooden decoration and they have also created their very own using clay. This was then put towards a Christmas tree competition in school.

Snow is Falling

Snow is FallingSnow is Falling

Through all the madness we have been keeping to our timetable though and doing our maths and phonics work.

In maths this week we began the discussion of number bonds to 5. We moved away from the rote counting which is traditional for learning these and instead, encouraged the children to explore the numbers and to talk about what patterns they could see in the numerals and what numbers they found go together to make 5. The children have come up with some excellent explanations whilst using phenomenal mathematical language.

In Phonics this week we have learnt the phonemes 'f', 'l' and 'ff'. The double 'ff' typically comes at the end of a word and we only say it once - think of words like 'huff', 'puff' and 'off'. We have continued to practice our recognition of tricky words: is, I, the. We are going to be using all of our phonetical knowledge next week to start writing our letters to Santa!

Snow is FallingSnow is Falling

Friday 8th December

Christmas Jumper Day - the children are welcome to school in a snazzy Christmas jumper.

We ask that all Nativity costumes are brought in by this date too as we record the following week and children must be dressed up ready for it.

Tuesday 12th December

Reception Christmas party day. The children are to come to school in their party clothes.

Tuesday 19th December

Reception Nativity will start at 9am. We will open our doors at 8:30 to give enough time to get the children ready as we must start promptly.