SEND: Finance

The budget allocation is agreed between our school and the Local Authority at the beginning of each financial year.

In 2019 the notional SEN budget is £154125.

Detail of how this money is used to support children and young people with SEND is monitored each term by the Governing Body.  Below are some of the ways we support pupils with SEND:

  1. Identify staff training needs in the allocation of the in-service training budget
  2. Offer training to meet the broad range of special educational needs e.g. social, emotional and mental health, ASD advice, attachment training and strategies to support pupils with dyslexia
  3. Target training for individuals and staff groups and participate in area in-service activities designed to meet children’s special educational needs
  4. Use the SEND budget effectively to purchase resources and equipment to support a child with additional needs e.g. Clicker software, phonics software, child-friendly keyboards, easy grip pencils, coloured overlays and maths equipment

If a child has complex special educational needs, we could also receive additional funding from the Local Authority to meet the agreed outcomes.  A Costed Provision Map will be developed in liaison with the child, young person, parent or carer.

STATUTORY ASSESSMENT – Moving to an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP)

  • Children with diagnosed SEND, whose needs are greater than those met by a SEN Support Plan, are given a personalised Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan). This replaces the old ‘Statements’.
  • The EHC Plans are focused on outcomes and are evidence-based.
  • The EHC Plan outlines how the plan will be implemented.
  • The EHC Plan are worked out jointly between the school, the NHS and the child’s family.
  • Parents get a say in what provision would be best for their child – parent’s views are an essential part of this process.
  • Schools receive funding for these children and parent views on how this would be best used are sought.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.