SEND: Transition

At Crook Primary School we recognise that joining a school, or moving to another school, can be a difficult process for children. Pupils with SEND may need additional support to make a successful transition into their new school. Below are the ways that we support pupils to do this.

Transition into Nursery and Reception

Our new Nursery starters are offered a transition session during which parents are welcome to stay. Our new Reception starters are offered visits to the school in June/July to enable them to meet their class teacher and get to know the routines. In addition to this all parents/carers are invited in with their child for a meeting to find out about school. Parent feedback on these opportunities is very positive as it means that by the time September comes around children know the staff and routines very well. We also offer a staggered start in September.

Moving from Another School

Sometimes children have to move school during an academic year and this can lead to anxiety. At Crook Primary School we recognise this and work to support children and families to have a smooth transition. For example we:

  • Meet the parents to help build home/school relationships
  • Meet the pupil and show them around our school
  • Keep all staff informed of the new pupil’s arrival and any additional needs they may have to ensure that they can quickly settle in with the correct support
  • Look at the help already provided to the pupil to ensure a continuous service can be given

Transition to Secondary

Pupils in Year 6 are offered many opportunities to work with teachers from our local feeder secondary schools. This allows them to experience the next part of the education system first hand while still part of the primary phase.

We work in partnership with our feeder secondary schools to provide an enhanced level of transition for those who we feel would benefit from this. This may take the form of additional visits for pupils, one to one / small group working with secondary school staff or pupil mentoring from secondary schools.

The period of transition depends on the individual needs of the pupil. If it is felt appropriate secondary school colleagues will attend Annual Reviews to meet the current class teacher, parents and most importantly the pupil. We have found this strategy particularly useful in easing any worries or concerns parents and pupils may have. We are particularly keen to involve parents/carers as much as possible in their child’s transition to secondary school. If needed, our Parent Support Advisor can work alongside parents/carers to discuss secondary schools in advance of secondary placement applications being submitted to the Local Authority. This ensures parents/carers can make the most informed placement decision for their child.

At Crook Primary School we aim to be supportive so additional visit opportunities or multi-agency meetings can be organised if required.