The English Curriculum

The English curriculum at Crook Primary School has been developed to ensure children spend longer being taught the common features and skills in reading and writing. The curriculum uses various methods such as: reading ‘VIPERS’ to teach comprehension skills; high quality novels and non-fiction books; a range of drama conventions; a strong grammar focus; and opportunities to write different genres for different purposes and audiences.

A carefully considered teaching cycle is followed throughout the school. The cycle consists of using high quality texts which are interrogated and deconstructed in order for the children to understand the writing style and structure and language features of text types. The children’s understanding of the texts are developed using reading VIPERS to teach specific comprehension skills. Ideas, themes, situations, issues, plots, characters and settings are explored through speaking and listening opportunities such as, drama, role play, talk partners and group discussion. We enrich children’s vocabulary by acquiring new words from the text, making sure they understand what words mean, how and why they are used and the ways language is used effectively for impact on a reader.

Teachers then teach specific grammar and sentences skills, and provide subsequent activities for children to apply their learning. This is followed by shared and modelled writing with the teacher, which helps to nurture the children’s fluency and creativity. The children then apply their skills in independent pieces of writing which they plan for, draft and finally edit and improve by the individual child as well as receiving some input from their peers. Throughout the process, the children are taught to read as writers and write as readers.

English Planning

  • Handwriting - All Years
    Handwriting - All Years
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